Grizzly G0771z Review – Unbiased Expert’s Opinion

Table saws are powerful working tools that leave you with zero or no doubts about them being a better option for cutting woods and other materials into smaller sizes, giving room for accuracy and precision. They also help in trimming the woods for the sake of smooth sharp edges.

Having the correct tool to work with is very important, and in our Grizzly G0771z review, we’d enlighten you more on the features and how possibly they tend to work when put to the test.

This Grizzly G0771z review would have you well detailed on all you need to know about the proposed table saw, how it enables you a straight cut, and ease your stress off the manual labor of cutting off hardwoods.

Grizzly G0771z is undoubtedly a highly recognized product that makes life so much easier in how it operates, giving you extraordinary chances of productivity.

Below are Some of the Features of Grizzly G0771z

Grizzly G0771z Review

Inch dust port

This is one of the features of Grizzly G0771z that is very important while operating. The dust port of the product is about four inches, and it absorbs a lot of dust while woodworking. You tend to have an easy time when operating if the port is large enough.

Hp motor

One of the exciting things about the product is that it comes with a 2HP motor powered by 120V and 240V, and an arbor speed of 3450 RPM, 3.25 inches 90-degree cut depth and 2.25 inches 45-degree cut depth.

Riving knife

Regardless of how experienced you are using the table saw, there are some safety precautions to put in place to protect yourself.
The riving blade serves the function of reducing kickback, and it does this within the kerf.

Blade guard

This also serves a function of protection which helps your fingers from being hurt from the back and side. It gives a clue of where to and where not to put your fingers.

Iron table

However, the iron table allows the table saw to last for a long time as it serves as a solid ground for the table saw to operate on while it prevents it from any form of accident. It provides enough support while working with the wood.

Carbide tipped blade

The blade of Grizzly G0771z, as the name implies, is carbide tipped, and it makes it easier to cut all types of woods without stress and also within a short period. These blades are about ten inches each, and they go straight into the wood while cutting through.

Overall dimension: W64 x D 35.5 x H 40.25(Inches)
Arbor speed:3450 RPM
Motor: 2HP, single phased
90 degree cut depth(Max): 3.25 inches
45-degree cut depth (Max): 2.25 inches
Warranty: 1 year

What makes Grizzly G0771z Table Saw Best from Others?


There’s a wide range of other table saws in the market aside Grizzly G0771z review, but one of the characteristics of this product is its high durability and quality assurance. The use of heavy-duty cast iron in its table saw makes it a step ahead of other table saw products of lesser durability.

Easy to use

Unlike most tools, Grizzly G0771 is more efficient than simple to use, user-friendly, and doesn’t require a lot of time to set up. However, having you escape the problems of operating it. Most tools, whether the manual or the larger machines, have a simple way of working. They are pretty explanatory, except some of these products with additional features that require a bit of learning attached to them.

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Noise production is on the advantaged

Woodworking tools generally produce a lot of noise while operating. It’s just one attribute they possess by nature, and the table saw isn’t exempted. Like every other tool, the table saw makes noise while operating, but it produces this noise on a low level. It doesn’t have a whole lot of noise enough to interrupt or disturb the neighborhood while using. The saw works quietly, thus providing a good working environment.

Safe tool to use

As much as you have to consider some safety precautions when selecting any powerful woodworking tool, the Grizzly G0771z review is a very safe machine. It possesses a specialty designed riving knife and blade guard to ensure optimum safety when used alongside strict adherence to instructions and using required protection. Definitely, with all of these in practice, you would have a smooth and successful operation.


  • Cuts smoothly and freely
  • Easy-glide fence system
  • Excellence power and speed functionality
  • Long-lasting properties
  • It comes with safety components
  • Lightweight
  • Less expensiveness
  • Easy operation


  • Absorbs a lot of dust
  • Possesses a short power cable
  • You might be required to buy an extra blade to ensure to carry out your cutting works.
  • Has bolts in a difficult place to access
  • Frequent need for greasing

Safety Precautions/Measures for Machinery

To start with, for your safety, you are advised to read the machine manual before operating amongst all other safety measures to follow through with.

Hazardous environment

Never use the machine in areas that are clustered, wet, and lacks proper lighting. By so doing, you’re reducing the risk of accidents and injuries when operating.

Mental alertness required

It would help if you did not operate machines under the influence of alcohol, when distracted, or when tired. This is required for the safe and proper operation of the machinery.

Hazardous dust

Specks of dust emitted by machinery operations are likely to cause cancers, respiratory damage, or congenital disability. However, the risk is only reduced when you make do with your NIOSH-approved respirator always while working.

Removal of adjusting tools

Never leave Chuck keys, wrenches, or other tools on the machine as they can become dangerous projectiles upon startup.

Hand and body positioning

It would help if you only did all operations at the front and side of the machine. Keep hands away from the saw blade and out of the blade path during the process.


For optimum performance from your machine, below are some of the maintenance schedules to be followed to have your machinery last a more extended period.

  • Daily lookout for damaged wires, loosed mounting bolts, and saw blades before use.
  • The cast iron table and the ripped fence must be kept clean and protected always.
  • The belt must be checked/replaced for adequate tension monthly.
  • However, you must lubricate every 6_12 months the trunnion slide, worm gear, and leadscrew with grease.

Cleaning and protecting

It is relatively easy cleaning the table saw, and we can carry this out successfully by using the vacuum excess wood chips and sawdust while the remaining dust is wiped off with a dry cloth. If any resin has built up, and it seems pretty tricky to remove, a resin dissolving cleaner is advisable to use.

How much noise does the Grizzly G0771z table saw make?

Believe me. It doesn’t make a whole lot of noise. Like I said earlier, there’s no table saw product that doesn’t make noise, and Grizzly G0771z review is no different, but how reduced the noise is to other products is what makes it distinct. There are some products that higher prices than that of Grizzly G0771z review that produces significantly more noise.

Is the Grizzly G0771z table saw safe to use for a starter?

Yes! Reason being that it has lots of safety features and mechanisms that have been put together irrespective of your level of experience. However, it is also expected that you wear the proper safety equipment, follow through with all safety instructions, and a little spice up of common sense. You definitely should have no problems while operating.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Grizzly G0771z is a selective merge of high features. With the HP motor, 4-inch dust port, and cast iron trunnion, the machine has easy access through any hardwood. The table saw efficiently what it is asked to, and it has an innovative feature of a very quick-to-release blade guard. In addition, it is very light to move around with and not only will you enjoy working with it but you’d also get value for your money.

It cuts accurately through any hardwood, absorbs dust as much as possible, and does all of these with little or no noise. Grizzly G0771z table saw isn’t perfect, but you can never go wrong with the product because it offers a good cutting experience, and in as much as you follow each of the instructions at which they operate, then you’re good to go. And even at the comfort of your home, you can easily buy online while it gets delivered to your doorstep.

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