Fuji Q5 Platinum Review – Expert’s Opinion

Applying your surface coats on your interior and exterior furniture might have been extremely draining as you might have been using less effective methods of application such as painting brush, rollers, etc. Getting an efficient sprayer is a prayer answered for the majority. That is why they made Fuji Q5 platinum with the sole aim of making spraying easy, stress-free and efficient. This Fuji Q5 Platinum review article will tell you everything there is to either purchasing the sprayer for your next painting project or not.

Fuji Spray 2895-T75G Q5 Platinum - T75G Quiet HVLP Spray System
  • The extra power allows for less thinning of viscous paints and achieves finer atomization5-Stage Turbine produces 9 5psi featuring Variable Speed Control Dial allows user to adjust motor speed
  • Quiet turbine - Patented noise reduction feature + Heat Dissipation Chamber (HDC)
  • Professional Spray Gun features convenient side Pattern Control Knob to adjust size of fan pattern from small to large
  • 25ft hose includes air control valve to reduce overspray and bounce back
  • Includes the 5-for-5 Bonus Kit

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Fuji Q5 platinum is the best out of the numerous types available. It consists of unique features that make it highly efficient, durable, easy to use, and versatile. This particular product is sure to make your spraying experience fun as you work your way through your furniture with less stress and spillage. It has a patented noise reduction technology that makes the motor operate quietly and the heat dissipation chamber provides a cool environment for the motor to operate, thereby increasing its lifespan. Q5 platinum can be used to spray any coat no matter the viscosity level, making it the best choice of all sprayers.

Fuji Q5 Platinum Review

Fuji Q5 platinum review


Fuji Q5 platinum is a perfect definition of exceptionally and efficiency in a whole single package. This brand is the perfect choice for a stress-free and wonderful spraying experience.

The word platinum means something of a very high standard, which means that the Q5 platinum is made with the sole aim of you producing quality work in mind. It is the best tool for power and control, giving an effective, even, and luxurious finish on your desired surface.

It has a unique feature of a patented noise reduction technology with a special heat dissipation chamber, making the Fuji brand unique. The Q5 platinum is suitable for all forms of finishes ranging from furniture to cabinets and heavy painting projects.

Q5 platinum is the strongest of all Fuji paint sprayers, with it’s 5- stage turbine motor, which develops approximately 9.5 psi pressure, which is high enough to enable efficient spraying of finish no matter it’s texture even if it is viscous, the high pressure will enable it to be expelled.

The added pressure enables the user to apply the finish efficiently and faster within a short period. It is also designed so that it has a Heat dissipation chamber that eliminates excess heat from the turbine, resulting in a cooling effect. How is that possible? The excess heat is directed to a heat dissipation channel situated at the end of the turbine.

The heat expelled makes the turbine operate at a much cooler temperature, which leads to the high durability of the spraying machine. When the turbine is exposed to less heat, it doesn’t overwork the motor, eventually increasing its lifespan. It’s 5- stage turbine is adjustable irrespective of its size with its variable speed control dial, enabling you to adjust the motor speed.

Its three fan pattern orientations, horizontal, circle, and vertical make the motor function effectively. With its non-bleed spray gun and a patterned control knob, whenever the trigger is pulled, the air only passes through the spray gun, which is an added advantage because there will be reduced dust and particles flying around and less paint building upon the tip of the fluid nozzle.

The heavy-duty metal case has a gun holder that is strong and compact, making it sturdy and easy to use and handle at the same time. You can use the spray machine with materials ranging from high to low viscosity, enamels, lacquer, latex. It is also suitable for solvent-based, oil-based waters based coatings.

Some parts of a Fuji Q5 platinum are listed below;

  • Metal turbine case
  • Turning spray gun
  • Stainless steel needle
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • Control knob
  • Air cap
  • 1Qt cup
  • 25ft hose
  • Air control valve
  • Wrench
  • Viscosity cup
  • Cleaning brush.

It has a special 5- for-5 bonus kit that makes it easy to use and work with. These accessories include

  • 6 whip hose
  • wet film gauge
  • 19-pc spray gun
  • Cleaning and maintenance kit
  • Lubricant
  • Additional turbine filter.

Key features of the Fuji Q5 Platinum

Heat dissipation chamber

This is an exceptional feature that makes this particular Fuji Q5 platinum unique and making it the best amongst all. It has a unique method of removing excess heat build-up from the turbine case. The motor’s excess heat is directed to a heat dissipation channel situated at the end of the case.

The hot air is dissipated evenly and totally through a total surface area of sixty holes. Apart from eliminating all forms of excess heat, sixty holes’ surface area gets rid of the hiss and loud whistle noise. Also, it reduces the blowing around of refuse. The cooler unit makes the turbine last longer compared to other standard turbines.

High pressure of 9.5 psi

The five-stage turbine motor develops exactly 9.5 psi, which generates additional power that allows the user to apply the finish faster. The high pressure gives rise to a great amount of energy that makes the motor operate in such a way to increase the efficiency of the spraying can, spraying the finish within a short time without causing excessive spillages.

This pressure makes it one of the most powerful spraying machines in the industry. The high pressure makes it easier to use a dense finish with less thinning and achieving fine atomization for an exceptional finish.

Patented noise reduction technology

This noise reduction technology works hand in hand with the heat dissipation chamber as the excess heat is expelled through the surface area of sixty holes. It eliminates the sound of hissing and blowing around dirt that makes the machine noisy, making the turbine operate quietly.

This additional feature of patented noise reduction technology makes Q5 platinum one of the quietest operating turbines, and the sound it makes can be likened to that of a normal conversation.

Non- bleed turbine spray gun

The non-bleed spray gun has a patterned control knob, making it easier to be in charge of your spray gun. The non-bleed spray gun is an amazing feature because only the air passes through the gun when pulled.

Instead of the gun blowing dust and debris all around, the air is passed through the gun, making less debris being pushed around and lesser paint being water at the tip of the fluid nozzle.

High transfer efficiency

It has a 25ft hose that includes an air control valve that reduces overspray of the finish and bounces back. It also has a 1Qt bottom feed cup. The air cup is an all-purpose cup for fine finishing when using enamel, lacquer, latex, polyurethane, oil-based, water-based, and solvent-based coatings. It supports any paint and can be used by anyone, be it professional or beginner.

Quick change fiction fit filter

No matter the fiction of the finish you want to apply, the spray cup has a quick change fiction fit filter that makes it fit to use a wide range of material from high viscous materials to low viscous ones. The filter fits in the cup and allows the finish to pass through no matter it’s texture.

What’s Different? – Fuji Q5 Platinum Review

Highly efficient

Q5 platinum is the most powerful sprayer of the Fuji brand, and its five-stage motor turbine fans make it strong as it generates a pressure of 9.5 psi, which makes it easy to apply, giving even a finish on the desired surface. Q5 platinum is a suitable choice for spraying, and it’s highly reliable as it sprays regardless of the texture of the coating used.


Its heat dissipation chamber feature reduces the heat produced in the motor, thereby creating a cooling effect. Excess heat built up over time destroys the motor. Still, the excess heat that ought to linger in the motor is always eliminated, leaving the motor in a cooled environment, increasing its lifespan. Its amazing features ensures the machine is durable enough.

Easy to use

When you use the user’s manual, it is easy to use the sprayer because all that you need to know is in detail in the guide.


The spraying machine is really useful in the effective application of finish coats on surfaces without stress. The sprayer is modified in such a way that it serves different purposes. It doesn’t work for low viscous solvents alone but is suitable for any range of solvents, no matter the texture and solvent. It can be used for small and big projects and will still give an outstanding result.


  • • Highly efficient
  • • Sturdy and powerful
  • • Has a variable speed control dial
  • • Has a patented noise reduction feature
  • • A unique heat dissipation chamber
  • • Side pattern control knob to adjust the size of fan pattern
  • • Hose contains air control valve
  • • Easy to clean
  • • Easy to disassemble
  • • Portable


• Not easy to assemble
• The manual is not straightforward


To use the spraying machine, make sure the turbine is in good condition, and nothing is stuck up in it. Then connect the 25ft hose to the turbine and cup and then work your finish into the spray cup, making sure the quick change fiction filter is intact. Gently apply your spray gun to the surface of the furniture you’re working on. You don’t have to apply any form of pressure. The pressure it generates is enough to get it applied evenly on the surface you’re working on.


To keep your spray gun in good condition, you have to maintain it periodically to make it last long as you intend it to be.

  1. Although the sprayer is easy to clean, you can disassemble it to make it easier to work your way through cleaning it. It is easy to disassemble for easy cleaning.
  2. Although most of the metal parts are made with stainless steel, still after use and cleaning, make sure the sprayer is dry and store in a cool, dry place to avoid corrosion as the metal gets oxidized, causing it to change color, which eventually rusts and weakens the metal.
  3. After cleaning, make sure the sprayer is assembled correctly to avoid any troubles while using the spray cup.
  4. Use the cleaning brush to dust and clean some delicate parts of the spray cup.
  5. Always use the cleaning and maintenance kit in cleaning the spray cup, and while washing the cup, do not use bleach, use a mild detergent and lukewarm water to wash the cup.
  6. Use the lubricant available in the 5-for-5 bonus kit to lubricate all the sprayer’s metallic parts.

Other Fuji Q Platinum Series

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Safety tips

There are important things you have to take note of while using your spraying machine.

  1. Make sure you read the user manual before using the machine and learn the various functions of each part of the machine.
  2. Always follow the coating manufacturer guidelines you intend to use to know the right method of application.
  3. Keep the spraying machine out of the reach of children.
  4. If you’re using coats that are choking, make sure you’re on a nose mask, goggles, and gloves to keep you safe.
  5. Do not keep the sprayer where water can contact it to avoid damaging the motor.
  6. Do not use bleach or any other strong solvents to clean the sprayer.
  7. Always make sure the sprayer is in good condition before you put it to use.

Conclusion- Fuji Q5 Platinum Review

So far, everything about the best of Fuji brand, which is Q5 platinum, has been discussed, ranging from its modifications to its outstanding features such as the quiet technology that enables the motor to operate quietly, so the non-bleed turbine spray gun also reduces the way debris flies around with the heat dissipation chamber eliminating excess heat from the motor and simultaneously creating a cooling effect.

This sprayer is highly efficient and can be used by any coat regardless of its viscosity. It is easy to use, and although it might not be easy to assemble the first time, the user manual will guide you on how to use the sprayer the right way, and for anyone who has sprayed in mind, Fuji Q5 platinum is a perfect choice.

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