How much epoxy do I need for a Table Top? Step by Step Guide DIY

How much epoxy do I need for a Table Top?

To make an epoxy mixture, you’ll definitely need to know the right amount to use to avoid being short of the mix or end up having too much of it which ends up gelling. Planning to add a coat of epoxy on an object as well as getting to know the right measurement might be extremely stressful most especially for those trying epoxy cover for the first time and trying to mix and use before it cures might happen so fast than you think that ends up getting you frustrated. If you have been asking the question ” how much epoxy do I need for a table top?” and you want to know how much epoxy you want for a table-top then you’re at the right place.

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Top 4 Best Paint Sprayer for Oil Based Paint (Reviews & Buying Guide 2022)

Best Paint Sprayer for Oil Based Paint

There are several reasons why hobbyists and DIYers choose a paint sprayer over a brush or a roller? Paint sprayers are faster, more efficient, and designed to handle various interior and exterior coatings.

If you want to apply oil-based paint on your pieces of furniture, metals, cars, you need the best paint sprayer for oil-based paint.

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How to Darken Pine Wood without Stain

How to darken pinewood without stain? Pinewood naturally tends to mellow or darken with time. Pinewood darkening transforms the color of the wood and helps to guard the surface against watermark, scratches, and environmental destruction and highlights the lovely natural grain of the wood.

But do you know how you can darken wood without having to use commercially available stains? Well, we will perfectly guide you through. If you follow the process presented here, you can give pine wood your desired dark color.

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How to Repair Rotted Wood Beams

How to repair rotted wood beams

How to repair rotted wood beams? Once you have wooden furniture and home ranging from cabinets, decks to beam, it’s inevitable to have as much as a bit of source of moisture getting into the wood, coupled with a favorable temperature, that’s all fungi need to start breeding, multiplying and dividing infesting in the wood which eventually leads to wood rot.

Perhaps you’re wondering how to repair your rotted wood beams; this is just the right article for you!.
Although you might have your wood beams rotting, technically, they might be in different stages. You might have your beam just rotting at the surface, and that can be easily treated using boric acid.

The rays might rot at the junction points, and this needs to be carefully taken care of. We outlined the different methods you can use to repair rotted wood beams regarding their level of decay.

It is also essential for you to know the causes of rot in wooden beams and how to prevent them, all of which are well explanatory in this article.

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Will Bleach Stop Wood Rot? How to stop Wood Rot With Bleach

Will Bleach Stop Wood Rot

Having your wood rot might be disheartening and, if left untreated, will leave your wood in a devastating position. The fact that your wood rots don’t necessarily mean you have to go on all new furniture, all you might need is a single swab of household bleach. Too good to be true, right? But funny enough, it is.

Fungi cause wood rot, and the high level of humidity the wood possesses as a result of the moisture etched deep in the wood provides food and the sufficient temperature a typical fungus needs to live. Once the fungi start feeding, they breed, multiply, ravage, and infest the wood until it decays completely.

Getting to see your wood deteriorate might be confusing, and you might be doubtful if bleach will stop wood rot. A lot of people ask, “will bleach stop wood rot?”

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How to Keep Painted Cabinets from Chipping

How to keep painted cabinets from chipping

Having a chipped cabinet is not something desirable to see around the house or workplace. A chipping cabinet can result from the paint’s weakened bond to the surface of the wood. Frequently a warped cabinet might be due to the type of paint used and the method of preparation.

A flawed application might cause a painted cabinet to start peeling within a short period. Perhaps you don’t know what to do about your chipped wardrobe; then this article is just for you.

This article on how to keep painted cabinets from chipping will guide you on all you need to know about your cabinet, paint and apply your coat, and the pro-tips on how to keep your painted cabinet from chipping.

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