Do Termites Eat Treated Wood?

Do Termites Eat Treated Wood

Unsettling as it might be, you’re not alone in the universe of homeowners trying to outwit those insidious invaders – termites. While you’ve made smart choices to protect your precious abode with treated wood, you may find yourself wrestling with one perplexing question: “Do termites eat treated wood?” You’ve diligently …

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Can You Get Bed Bugs from Wood Furniture

Often, we associate bed bugs with fabric and mattresses, as their name suggests. Yet, these crafty creatures don’t discriminate when it comes to their nesting places. So yes, even your beloved wooden furniture isn’t safe from these tiny invaders. But how is this possible? Also, more significantly, what can be …

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Will Mice Chew on Wood?

You’re sitting there, quiet as a mouse, when you hear that all-too-familiar scratching sound. A tiny invader is lurking somewhere in the shadows of your home. Suddenly, you notice subtle traces of destruction: small, roughened edges, chewed corners, tiny piles of wood dust. Could it be? Do you have a …

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How To Fix Hardwood Floor Gaps

Hardwood floors have a timeless beauty and durability that are unmatched by other flooring solutions. The rich, natural aesthetics and exceptional longevity of hardwood have made it a popular choice for homeowners and interior designers alike. However, understanding the intricacies of hardwood floors is crucial before making an informed decision for your home. On How To Fix Hardwood Floor Gaps, we will delve into …

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How to Remove Spray Paint From Wood Floors – 4 Steps Formula

how to remove spray paint from wood floors

Spray paints can be a wonderful tool in creating beautiful personalized paintings in the building. To some people, it’s an art. To some people, it’s a lifestyle. Some just can’t live without it.

Once you learn the basics, you’ll find it addictive. And the big plus is, as you spray, it dries. So you wouldn’t have to wait until a coating is dried like oil paintings and latex. You just get your design on and on and on till you’re satisfied.

But you can’t be very careful with spraying, and so a little stain is not so bad. Just keep in mind that there’s no better time to remove paint from the floor than when it is wet. Be it spray paint, oil-based, or even gloss.This time, just a rag and a little scrub would get your floor back shinning. But, let’s say you forgetfully ignored it or you didn’t even notice till it was dry. 

Or maybe, there’s a graffiti mural you just have gotten tired of, and you want to get it off your floor. You need to know how to remove spray paint from wood floors.

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How to Prevent Bubble Formation During Polyurethane Application

How to Apply Polyurethane Without Bubbles

Seeing bubbles when applying polyurethane isn’t a new problem. In fact, most painters, at one point, have experienced bubble problems when using polyurethane on wood and other floors.

While some painters have found a solution to it, others are still experiencing bubbles when applying polyurethane.

The fact is applying polyurethane to a surface is more than just dampening a brush in a finish and applying it on a surface. Applying polyurethane involves techniques, which, if used correctly, will leave you with an excellent finish.

Here in this article, we will discuss what causes bubbles when applying polyurethane over surfaces and how to apply polyurethane without bubbles.

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What Causes Sticky Wood Finish and How to Fix it

How to repair sticky wood finish (1)

Sticky residue buildup over the years and as a result of finish applied on the wood surface is worn out, leading to a damp surface and discoloration. Dirt and grime accumulation are some of the reasons why we notice gumminess on our wood surface.

 You might have noticed newsprint on your table even after removing the newspaper initially placed on the table. The surfaces also get scratches and marks quickly when little pressure is applied to them.

 Perhaps you need to know how to repair sticky wood finish. This article will teach you the necessary steps, guidelines, and helping tips that’ll help you get rid of your built-up sticky residue.

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How Long Does It Take For Water Based Polyurethane To Dry On Hardwood Floors?

How Long Does It Take For Water Based Polyurethane To Dry On Hardwood Floors?

Now that you’ve finished installing your hardwood floor. You’ve probably chosen a water-based polyurethane finish to use, and for that, you’d like to know how long it takes for water-based Polyurethane to dry on hardwood floors. 

It takes 24-48 hours for your coating to dry and 30 days to cure completely. But the truth is, it depends on the kind of polyurethane coating you are using, as there are two distinct types of Polyurethane coatings -Oil-based and Water-based.

Another thing to consider also is the weather condition in your environment.

But before plunging into the explanation of what is what, a forehand knowledge about polyurethane itself might help you understand better and even clear out some questions you might have.

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How to Fix a Cloudy Polyurethane Finish

How to Fix a Cloudy Polyurethane Finish

Frequently, many people get so frustrated after going through the task of coating, only to end up having cloudy finishes. Cloudy polyurethane finish appears as a result of moisture build-up and not thoroughly stirring the product before application.

Perhaps you might have tried different methods and strategies to fix your cloudy finish. However, still no effect, probably it only worsened the surface. 

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[Solved!!]How to Remove Carpet Glue From Hardwood Floors

How To Get Carpet Glue Off Wood Floors

Carpets make floors beautiful, but when they get old, they lose their aesthetic value. It’s only then that you think of replacing it with a new one or leaving the hardwood floor exposed. However, removing your old carpet is not the hard part.

The tricky part is getting those carpet glue off your shiny wood floors. Since laying down carpet on wood floors require so much glue, there will be a lot left when you take the carpet off, and this can make your floor look untidy.

So what do you do? To maintain the beauty of your wood floor, you’ll need to get the carpet glue off. However, many don’t know how to get carpet glue off wood floors. This guide will provide quick and easy ways that you can use to remove carpet glues and restore the beauty of your wood floor.

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