Do Termites Eat Treated Wood?

Do Termites Eat Treated Wood

Unsettling as it might be, you’re not alone in the universe of homeowners trying to outwit those insidious invaders – termites. While you’ve made smart choices to protect your precious abode with treated wood, you may find yourself wrestling with one perplexing question: “Do termites eat treated wood?” You’ve diligently …

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Can You Get Bed Bugs from Wood Furniture

Often, we associate bed bugs with fabric and mattresses, as their name suggests. Yet, these crafty creatures don’t discriminate when it comes to their nesting places. So yes, even your beloved wooden furniture isn’t safe from these tiny invaders. But how is this possible? Also, more significantly, what can be …

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Will Mice Chew on Wood?

You’re sitting there, quiet as a mouse, when you hear that all-too-familiar scratching sound. A tiny invader is lurking somewhere in the shadows of your home. Suddenly, you notice subtle traces of destruction: small, roughened edges, chewed corners, tiny piles of wood dust. Could it be? Do you have a …

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