How To Fix Scratches On Wood Cabinets

Scratches on wood cabinets can be annoying considering how they can dent its beauty. How easy and quick scratches are fixed on wood cabinets depends on their size and how deep it is. Light/tiny scratches are generally simpler to fix. It shouldn’t be much of a task if the scratches have not penetrated the wood or cut across the grain.

Some scratches are light enough to just require cleaning or a few drops of oil. The good news is that there are various ways to fix these scratches whether small or big.

Let go of your worries as we will discuss how to fix scratches on wood cabinets using different materials and methods. In fact, you have most of the required materials lying down at home. Now, let’s get started.

Can scratches on wood cabinets be fixed?

Yes, scratches on wood cabinets can be fixed. Interestingly, it is quite easy and straightforward to fix scratches especially when they are light scratches on your wood cabinets. You may be already about the use of walnut to eliminate scratches on wood.

Another effective material is a paste made of mineral oil and pumice. Depending on the kind of scratches you are dealing with (light scratches or deep scratches), there are proven materials and methods that can fix them.

How to fix scratches on wood cabinets?

  • Materials Needed
  1. Dye toner
  2. Paint (alternative to dye toner)
  3. Iodine
  4. Touch up Pen or Repair pen
  5. Walnut (suitable for tiny scratches)
  6. Wood filler and sandpaper (suitable for seep scratches)
  7. Towel
  8. Steel wool
  9. Brush
  10. How to fix tiny scratches
  11. Touch up pen method

There are various methods to fix tiny scratches and the touch-up pen method is one of the most effective ways. The first step is to clean the affected wood surface with a cleaner and then rub them with a towel to dry. The next thing to do is to apply the touch-up pen or crayon and gently covered the affected surface.

Now, carefully rub it with a towel and reapply the touch-up pen the second time. Then, inspect if the color has blended or not. If it has not blended, apply dye toner and rub it with a towel again. If you follow this process accurately, the scratches should be effectively fixed by now. In case you are still stuck with it, repeat the process explained.

Most times, this method has been proven to be effective. You can try the next method that will talk about if the scratches are still visible.

  1. Paint and Brush method

You should be aware by now that cleaning is an essential first step when starting any wood project. Make sure to allow it to dry when done. You can fasten the process by using a towel. Pour a small amount of paint into a bowl.

Dip your brush inside and apply the coat to the scratched surface. Ensure to rub it immediately with a towel or cloth. Repeat this process until you get your desired outcome. It generally gives a perfect after two tryouts making the scratches invisible.

  1. Walnut method

The walnut method is widely used among homeowners to fix tiny scratches on wood cabinets. It is a very effective method. Simply rub the walnut on the scratched wood cabinet surface and then clean it up with a towel.

This is a sure and simple method to deal with those tiny scratches on your kitchen cabinet. Although this walnut method only works well on brown shade cabinets which is the most common in homes. It is not suitable for white or light color shades.

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How to fix deep scratches

There are many do-it-yourself and at-home treatments you can try out to fix that kitchen cabinet with deep scratches. Interestingly, these hacks are simple.

  1. Wood filler sticks

              These are also similar to crayons. Choose a color that closely matches the color of your scratched wood cabinet and rub it on the affected areas. Finish by polishing the wood to give it a glossy shine. 

  1. Iodine

Get iodine from nearby stores. Dip a cotton swab into the solution and apply it to the scratches. Iodine is a great material to fix deep scratches on wood, including dark woods.

  1. Shoe polish

Purchase a shoe polish that matches the color of your wood cabinets. Apply and fill in the scratches or cracks. You will be able to apply it better with the use of a cotton swab.

  1. Walnut

The use of walnut to fix tiny scratches can also work well with deep scratches. Rub the walnut on the deep scratches, the oil coming it will fill and rub away the scratches. Once done rubbing, polish over the surface with a soft cloth.

  1. Black tea

Transfer a few teaspoons of hot water to a bowl and dip a black tea bag inside allowing it steep for a few minutes. Use a cotton swab to apply the prepared tea onto the scratches. Wipe it away with a paper towel. You may need to repeat the process if your kitchen cabinet is a darker wood.

  1. Cream of tartar

You can find the cream of tartar at any nearby store. Pour a generous amount into a bowl and add 1/4 cup of distilled water. Add about 2 to 3 drops of dish soap. Then, mix them thoroughly till they blend.

Dip a towel in the mixture and apply it to all affected areas. Allow the mixture to sit for at least 10 minutes or more before wiping it off with a clean towel.

  1. Markers

Get a marker that is the same shade as the wood cabinets. Rub it on all visible scratches or dents. This won’t fix those scratches but will blend in any imperfections.

How to protect wood cabinets from scratches?

Frequent cleaning of the surface of the kitchen cabinets is necessary. Make sure that grease buildup is not permitted, as well as dirt and dust particles that may cause scratches on the wooden surface.

Keep away cats or any pet with claws from the kitchen cabinet. Moisture can damage wood cabinets, so make sure to always keep your cabinets dry.

It is very imperative you deal with any scratches immediately you see them before they become bigger issues to deal with.

How to fix scratches on laminate kitchen cabinets

The steps involved in fixing scratches on wood cabinets are almost the same for laminate kitchen cabinets. You can choose to use above explained methods for wood cabinets or follow the ones below.

Purchase any kit containing wood putty, brush, mixing jar, spatula, and sandpapers, including different shades of color.

Step 1: The first step involves scraping the affected area properly with the use of a scraper or spatula

Step 2: Next step requires you to clean the surface with a towel to get rid of any debris. Then, fill in the scratches on your cabinets using wood putty. Apply a little elbow grease so it can be firmly pressed, smoothen it after, and allow it to dry.

Step 3: Once it dries, sand the repaired surface with the use of sandpaper to smooth the surface.

Step 4: After the sanding has been properly done, apply the wood repair compound to the scratched areas, smooth it and leave it to dry.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 by applying another color repair compound to draw other wood grain to blend it well. Rub the surface gently with a cloth to remove unwanted color.

Step 6: Now, the project is completed if you get your desired color. Try another color compound in case you didn’t get your desired outcome.

How to fix scratches on stainless steel kitchen cabinets

When it comes down to fixing scratches on stainless steel kitchen cabinets, it requires some work whether you are dealing with light or tiny scratches.

  1. Pay attention to the stainless cabinet surface and inspect the direction of the grain. When found, make sure to clean the affected area with a glass cleaner.
  2. Purchase a coarse maroon scotch pad and aggressively grit along the direction of the grain. To make it comfortable, fix the pad to a wooden block.
  3. The scratches will start getting lighter as you continually rub them. Next, use a medium coarser scotch pad and grit again in the same direction.
  4. Then, take a lighter scotch pad and grit along the grain direction. Spray some glass cleaner, and rub the area with a soft cloth to get a perfect finish.

Conclusion: How To Fix Scratches On Wood Cabinets

Now, we have covered all the necessary steps in fixing wood cabinets. You should be convinced different techniques can be employed to fix scratched wood cabinets. Ensure to follow recommended measures like cleaning your wood cabinet before starting any project.

Whatever method you decide to go with, gently apply the product to the scratched areas. Make sure to remove excess immediately so areas surrounding the affected area do not get stained. Also, it is important you prevent getting scratches on your wood cabinets.

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