Will Bleach Stop Wood Rot? How to stop Wood Rot With Bleach

Will Bleach Stop Wood Rot

Having your wood rot might be disheartening and, if left untreated, will leave your wood in a devastating position. The fact that your wood rots don’t necessarily mean you have to go on all new furniture, all you might need is a single swab of household bleach. Too good to be true, right? But funny enough, it is.

Fungi cause wood rot, and the high level of humidity the wood possesses as a result of the moisture etched deep in the wood provides food and the sufficient temperature a typical fungus needs to live. Once the fungi start feeding, they breed, multiply, ravage, and infest the wood until it decays completely.

Getting to see your wood deteriorate might be confusing, and you might be doubtful if bleach will stop wood rot. A lot of people ask, “will bleach stop wood rot?”

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