How to Repair Split Wood Beams & Posts

How to repair split wood beams

Wood dries over time which eventually leads to cracks and splits in woods, especially beams and posts. The fact that your wooden beam or post has cracks doesn’t necessarily mean your wood is damaged. The primary methods and steps on how to repair split wood beams are outlined in this …

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How to Repair Rotted Wood Beams

How to repair rotted wood beams

How to repair rotted wood beams? Once you have wooden furniture and home ranging from cabinets, decks to beam, it’s inevitable to have as much as a bit of source of moisture getting into the wood, coupled with a favorable temperature, that’s all fungi need to start breeding, multiplying and dividing infesting in the wood which eventually leads to wood rot.

Perhaps you’re wondering how to repair your rotted wood beams; this is just the right article for you!.
Although you might have your wood beams rotting, technically, they might be in different stages. You might have your beam just rotting at the surface, and that can be easily treated using boric acid.

The rays might rot at the junction points, and this needs to be carefully taken care of. We outlined the different methods you can use to repair rotted wood beams regarding their level of decay.

It is also essential for you to know the causes of rot in wooden beams and how to prevent them, all of which are well explanatory in this article.

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