Is Pressure Treated Wood Safe for Vegetable Gardens?

is pressure treated wood safe for vegetable gardens?

Pressure-treated wood is known to be durable and rot-resistant due to the chemicals used in processing them. Although their durability cannot be overemphasized, it is still a debate about whether pressure treated wood is safe for vegetable gardens. The safety of pressure treated wood has been researched and examined by various experts.

The chemicals were shown to leach out of the wood into the soil and up taken in small amounts by plants. However, the major concern about the safety of using pressure-treated wood has been with the arsenic in Chromate copper arsenate (CCA), which poses harm and, at a point, was banned by the environmental protection agency (EPA). Pressure-treated wood is considered safe for garden use, as it contains copper, which prevents insects and a fungicide, although not excluding the fact about chemicals leaching into the soil and being taken up by plants

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