Top 5 Best Jigsaw for Cutting Curves (2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Best jigsaw for cutting curves

When you are faced with the task of cutting out curves on any material, be it on plywood, metal, plastics, particleboard, or even ceramic tiles, you will agree with us that your next line of thought is what best jigsaw is perfect for cutting your desired curves.

Cutting curves requires an accurate level of precision not to have to do much work in the finishing. For this reason, you don’t just use any model of the jigsaw. Several factors, such as variable speed and orbital action, you consider before choosing what jigsaw to use when you are faced with deciding on the best jigsaw for cutting curves.

A good jigsaw with the right features is a quick go-to when it comes to cutting curves. Scrolling blades, motor power, cord versus cordless, depth of cut, laser guideline, dust blower, dust collection bag, shoe bevel, splinter control shoe; are features, among others, that are well worth the extra cost for some people.

Therefore, this article is more of a beginners’ guide that has been written to help you decide and choose from the varieties of jigsaws by assessing their features, pros, and cons. You will also know from this article how to cut plywood with a jigsaw without splintering. We have also explained a simple step-by-step way to use a jigsaw to cut curves.

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