Jet JWL 1015 Review – Based On Personal Experience

A mini woodworking lathe is a benchtop lathe with a 15″ capacity which is the perfect tool to getting small projects such as turning bowls and pen blanks accurately done.

That is why Jet JWL 1015 was made for you to have wood constantly turning under control, which is undoubtedly the best choice, especially for an amateur woodturner or a professional turner looking for a small, fully-featured machine.

This Jet JWL 1015 review article explains everything you need to know about the splendid woodturning lathe that ensures high stability and much better working support, which is best for your project, unlike other varieties of wood lathes on the market.


Jet JWL 1015 is a well-known product that runs smoothly and is quiet compared to some other woodturners. It weighs just 77 pounds and is lighter because it is comfortable for use, stress-free, and easy to operate lathe than the shop fox W1836.

The wood lathe is a perfect choice for those thinking of trying it out. Its price is favorable and does not have any complicated controls. Know that you will probably spend more on tools, chucks, sharpening jigs, grinders, etc., than the cost of this lathe, so do not worry about getting a very cheap lathe. This is a perfect lathe; well worth the price.

The product has six spindle speeds which means that you get all the control you need. They also make a perfect choice for professionals looking to add a full-featured mini-lathe into their collection of tools – a pro doesn’t only depend on pro tools.

It has cast iron bed construction with a broader bed for extreme stability and low vibrations. This Jet JWL 1015 comprises 24 index positions which makes it easy to cut fluting and veining.

With just 15-1/2″ between centers and a 10″ swing over the bed, this durable and smooth running 15″ mini-lathe has the power, precision, and versatility to turn cork and acrylic handles Fly rod builds and special spindle application projects with absolute ease.

Below are some parts of the Jet JWL 1015:

  • Headstock.
  • Index pin
  • Speed chart
  • Upper pulley access door
  • Spindle pulley
  • Spur center
  • Tool Rest
  • Tailstock
  • Live center
  • Variable speed dial (potentiometer)
  • On/Off switch with safety key
  • LED light

Features of the Jet JWL 1015

Broader bed ways provide increased rigidity. It has a wide bed that provides a rigid base for more accessible and comfortable working – you know how woodturning can be with all the movement. At 77lbs, this wood lathe is quite portable and will not prove trouble when moving with it around. The wider the bed, the safer and more reliable it becomes, allowing you to complete a comprehensive set of projects.

Live center in the tailstock
Live center contained in the tailstock is for effective woodturning. Its tailstock also has a 9.5 cm internal bore, the spindle having a 50 mm travel and is self-ejecting. The tailstock is removable if you need to add an attachment or take advantage of other options that it presents.

Cast iron bed construction
The JWL-1015 has a cast iron lathe bed construction with an extra 13 cm wide lathe bed that offers extra stability, which results in a low vibration, smooth operation, and protection from shock. It comes with a 10″ swing-over bed.

Six spindle speeds
The product consists of six spindle speeds that you can choose depending on the job and level of comfort – some of us are only comfortable with something that isn’t too fast.

The spindle has the pervasive M33 x 3.5mm thread and has an MK2 internal taper mounted on massive bearings driven by a belt through a sufficiently powerful engine.

The spindle has 15° locking indexation. It is powered by a 370 W induction motor in 6 steps variable speed that is a good range for any project.

You may change the spindle speed to 400, 700, 1000, 1500, 2200, and 3300 rpm by adjusting the belt’s position. The change is rapid and easy thanks to lever belt releasing and quick release of pulley cover.

• Rating: Professional
• Input/output power: (230V): 500/370 W
• Speed includes 400, 700, 1000, 1500, 2200, 3300 rpm
• Max. diameter over bed: 250 mm
• Max. diameter with tool rest: 185 mm
• Distance between centres: 370 mm
• Spindle thread: M33x3,5
• Spindle/tailstock taper: MK2/MK2
• Spindle/tailstock bore: 9,5/9,5 mm
• Spindle travel: 50 mm
• Total length x width x height: 890 x 300 x 370 mm
• Nett weight: 35 kg

What makes Jet JWL 1015 distinct?

The power tool has large feet to stand for added stability – we can never be too careful when using these power tools. A cast iron bed ensures stability when working – critical when turning wood. No one wants an overturning lathe when twisting the pieces as it is hazardous.

JET 10" x 15" Woodworking Lathe, 1/2 HP, 1Ph 115V (JWL-1015)
  • Six Spindle Speeds: 500, 840, 1240, 1800, 2630, and 3975
  • 24-Position Indexing: you can turn your object to just the right orientation
  • Enhanced Tensioning System: Easier access to belts for more precision
  • Increased Rigidity: Bed ways have an increased width to give you more stability
  • Improved Gripping: Tailstock features a live center

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Its simplicity is another admirable quality that can also be said to contribute to its safety, and the easy-to-use machine is associated with reduced instances of accidents. It has a simplistic design and is uncomplicated – this saves you time and a waste of energy trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Low vibrations
In case you’re wondering why vibrations can be harmful, even the slightest one can make turning the part difficult and dangerous at the same time.

Most beginners don’t understand the importance of a robust and reliable bed and often swap steadiness for portability. Instead, you want your lathe to be as sturdy as possible to help you deliver high-end results and improve your woodworking skills.

When it comes to shelves, wooden toys, clocks, chess boxes, glasses, bowls, or other accessories, you can count on the Jet JWL 1015 lathe to help you create them from scratch.

This lathe has a potent motor with plenty of options of speeds to choose from, which is a guarantee that all your projects will be perfectly shaped and crafted. This mini lathe runs smoothly and has the power, precision, and versatility to turn both small bowls and spindles with ease.


● Extreme stability and low vibration
● Easy to set up and use
● Convenient access to belts for more precision
● Variable speed option of 400-3300 RPM
● Has the best alignment of centers
● Portable


● Has no reverse speed
● It may be too small for some projects


Before you operate the lathe, ensure everything is in proper working condition. On or off switch: Pull up the button to start lathe, push down to stop. You can remove the safety key to avoid any unauthorized use of a lathe. Reinsert the key to start the lathe.

LED light: Displays green during regular operation of the lathe. If the lathe suddenly stops and the LED displays red due to overloading, push and pull the switch to restart.

Do not start lathe at maximum speed. Start at the slightest speed within that range and increase gradually to full speed.


Below are ways to extend the life span of the lathe, which ultimately saves time and money;
● Inspect the lathe for loose fasteners, worn-out electrical cables, proper belt tension, belt wear, or any other situation that might affect the operation or create a safety risk.
● Clean up the lathe after each use, and blow out chips and dust using compressed air (wear eye and respiratory protection!).
● Apply a light coat of oil to the headstock spindle, tailstock quill, bed surface, and tool rest post repeatedly.
● Apply paste wax or a commercially available rust protectant to protect the bed from rust.
● Bearings are permanently greased and sealed. They do not require further greasing.
Jet JWL 1015 Safety tips
It would help if you took note of important things while using your lathe.

Read and understand the entire owner’s manual before any attempt to assemble or operate.

Read and understand the warnings written on the machine and in the manual. Failure to comply with all the signs may cause serious injury.

Do not use the lathe for other than its intended use. Don’t turn materials other than wood on the lathe.

Always wear approved safety glasses/face shields while using the lathe. Ordinary eyeglasses only have impact-resistant lenses; they are not safety glasses.

Before you operate this lathe, remove rings, watches, and other jewelry, and roll up sleeves past the elbows. Extricate all loose clothing and confine long hair. Non-slip footwear or anti-skid floor strips are advisable. Do not wear gloves.

Do not operate this machine while tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any medication.

Make specific the switch is in the OFF position before connecting the machine to the power supply.

Ensure the machine is properly grounded.

Ensure you make all necessary machine adjustments or maintenance with the machine unplugged from the power source.

Keep visitors at a very safe distance from the work area. Keep children away.

Conclusion- Jet Jwl 1015 Review

So far, everything you need to know about the Jet JWL has been analyzed, ranging from convincing features to distinctions. It is a powerful motor with plenty of options of speeds to choose from is the assurance that all your projects will be perfectly shaped and crafted.

Best for both beginners and experts, this lathe’s motor is specially designed to last for many years and help you create a wide range of small and medium-sized decorations.

Just as we have previously discussed, the maximum speed supported by the motor is 3300 RPM, more than you would get for high-end lathes that cost over $500.

This means that this model spins faster than other lathes in the same category, helping you finish your small projects quicker and easier. When you’re ready to turn your ideas into a reality, the Jet 1015 mini lathe is a great machine to start with.

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