How to Repair Split Wood Beams & Posts

Wood dries over time which eventually leads to cracks and splits in woods, especially beams and posts. The fact that your wooden beam or post has cracks doesn’t necessarily mean your wood is damaged. The primary methods and steps on how to repair split wood beams are outlined in this article. You can restore your wooden beams using waterproof glue.

You can also use glue for round, rectangular beams, but y have to drill in holes before applying the waterproof sealant. Also, for flat surfaced beams, you can make use of glue, but you’ll need to fill up the split spaces with scrap wood and then cover the top with a tiny bit of wood. Having splits in your wood is not a downturn. All you need is glue, clamps, and scrap wood, and you’ll have your beams looking good as new.

How to Repair Split Wood Beams

Wooden beams tend to crack over time, and having one or two splits in your beams doesn’t seem like an arduous task to handle. You can quickly fix it up by using simple household tools. There are various ways of getting your cracked wooden beams repaired, but we’ll focus on three methods that depend on the different types of beams. The methods are outlined below:-

  • Use of waterproof glue for all types of beams
  • Repairing splits in round, rectangular beams
  • Repairing splits on flat-surfaced flat-surfaced beams
  • Use of waterproof glue for all types of beams

Step one: Check the extent of the damage caused by the split

Get a putty knife and insert its tip into the split, then. If you notice the blade is little for the split, use a utility knife instead, and after checking the split if you see it is more than six inches long, place knives every three inches. Then open up the split as much as possible. 

Step two: Apply glue

Apply glue into the split spaces using the tilt of a glue bottle. Take one section at a time. You can use your fingertip to push in glue deeper into the split. Ensure you apply as much glue as possible till you see it coming out on the opposite side of the wood. Only then can you remove your knife.

Step three : Make use of clamps to keep it firm

Place clamps vertically to the split across the wood. Ensure the clamps have a three-inch spacing between them, but if the split in the wood is six inches longer, ensure you tighten up the clamps.

Step five: Wipe off excess glue.

Get a clean cloth and dampen with lukewarm water. Use the cloth to wipe off the remaining glue, then leave the wood to dry over before removing the clamps.

Repairing splits in Round, Rectangular Beams

 Step one: drill the split

Get a drill and fit in a 3/8 inch drill, then place the tip of the drill an inch away from the split in a vertical motion at an angle of 30 degrees. 

Drill in through the split to about 1 1/2 inches or all through the other side, and then put a masking tape on the drill tip to measure its depth. Then drill two or more evenly spaced holes if you notice the split is farther than three inches.

Step two: Force in glue

Force in glue into the drilled holes, then use a hammer to tap a 3/8 inch dowel, which will fit into the holes to prevent slipping. If the dowels come out on the other side, make use of clamps, tighten and leave it overnight.

Step three: Furnish

After leaving to dry overnight, remove the clamps, then use a putty knife to chip off the dried glue. If you notice that the dowel is extending out of aside, you’ll be needing a chisel here. Scrap it off. Use a stain marker to color the split portions or any discolored area of the wood.

Repairing Splits on Flat-surfaced Beam

Step one: Get pieces of scrap wood

Use a jigsaw to cut different bits of wood of the same length and make sure that they’re as thick as 1/16 and should be at least 3/4 inches wide.

Step two: Insert the wood pieces

Place the wood pieces into the splits one after the other till it slightly fills up the split spaces.

Step three: sand the top piece of wood

Use 100-grit sandpaper to lightly sand the lower edges of the scrap piece of wood and attach it to the top of the split.

Step four: apply glue

Put glue into the split and use a hammer to attach the scrap piece into the split. Please make sure the scrap piece fits nicely into the crack and hit it hard till the scrap wood breaks into bits. This will make the glue and wood bits, then leave them to dry overnight.

Step five: Furnish

After leaving to dry overnight, use a putty knife to chip off the dried glue. Then use 100-grit sandpaper to smoothen the split area. Use stain markers to color the split portions and any discolored area of the wood

How to Repair Split Wood Post

Most times, wood posts are made up of redwood, cedar, pines, and pressure-treated spruce. Although wooden posts that are pressure treated resists any form of a biological attack, irrespective of the type of wood the post is made of, having splits once in a while is inevitable.

Splits can surface when the wood is dry, and once noticed, it’s necessary to repair because it’ll get more damaged if left unattended. You can fix split wood posts by using glue which will bond strongly to the wood.

You can also apply the use of a metal brace to strengthen the post. We will outline two methods of repairing split in a wooden post which is:-

  •  Use of waterproof glue
  • Use of a metal post

Use of waterproof glue

 Step one: Mix your glue 

Get a high-quality waterproof resin glue and then mix it with water according to the manufacturer’s prescription.

Step two: apply the glue to the splits

You’ll be making use of a brush for this step. First off, dunk the paintbrush into the gelatinous glue. Using the tip of the brush, force glue inside the splits from the top down.

If the split is adjustable, use either a pry bar or screwdriver to push it open, then use the paintbrush the apply the glue on the split evenly and make sure the split is submerged in glue. Apply the glue in the same way if it runs throughout the post.

 Step three: Place clamps across the post

Get clamps and place them across the post with a distance of 1 inch in between them. Place the clamps alternately. If you notice the splits are on opposite sides of the post, use enough force to tighten the clamps not until the glue runs out of the splits.

Step four: Attach scrap wood to the split

Get a scrap wood, and use a band saw to cut an average length of about 1/8 inch. Use a hammer to drive in the wide strips on unclosed splits after using clamps. Leave it to dry overnight.

Step five: Remove the clamps

After leaving it to dry, remove the clamps from the wood posts, then use a chisel to scrape off the residual dried glue or any extended wooden strips.

 Use of a metal post

 Metal posts are sometimes used when the splits in the wooden post had made it weak. The metal post serves as a support system to the post because it strengthens and reinforces the wood and alternately increases its durability. This method has simple and outlined guidelines on how to use metal as a method of repairing your split wood post.

Step one: Tighten the post

For this step, you’ll be using a small chain that will be wrapped around the post where the split is located. Then, place a steel bar between the post and the chain and then twist it using an assistant to close up the split and tighten the chain. The most important reason why the Chain and bar is used is to close off the split.

Step two: Wrap the split in sheet metal

The next thing to do is get a galvanized sheet metal that is two inches wide and then wrap the split with a metal strip. Make the strip lie over the edge on one end by at least 1 1/2 inches.

Step three: SecureSecure the metal strips

Get a 1 1/2 roofing nail and hammer three of it through the ends of the metal strips to keep it attached to the post.


  •  When it comes to splitting in woods, take your time to examine the type of wood split and the extent of the damage.
  • Ensure you clean out the split spaces of any form of the debris before you start working on it.

Materials and tools needed

  • Utility or putty knife
  • Waterproof glue
  • Clamps
  • Clean cloth or rag
  • PaintbrushPaintbrush
  • Pry bar or screwdriver
  • Scrap wood
  • Band or jigsaw jigsaw
  • Hammer
  • Small chain
  • Steel bar
  • Galvanized metal sheet
  • Chisel
  • Drill
  • Masking tape
  • Dowel
  • Stain marker

Conclusion – How to Repair Split Wood Beams

You can quickly repair wooden beams and posts by using essential household tools and equipment but basically, the most important thing before starting repair is to check the state of the split and the extent of the damage. This will help you to know the correct method to use.

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