How to Remove Quick Shine from Laminate Floors – How to Get Wax off Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring is a synthetic flooring known for its great looks of expensive wood and stone. Over the years, it’s been a very popular choice with DIY enthusiasts as it is relatively cheaper than real wood flooring.

Although laminate flooring is very low in price, it tends to last for a long period depending on how well it is being taken care of.

However, there’d come a time when the entire floor would need to be refinished. This is possible because, over time, the quick shine will trap dirt, dust, or some pet hair embedded in the hardwood floor, which causes the floor not to shine anymore.

So perhaps you find yourself in this category, and you are stuck on how to remove quick shine from laminate floors. Trust me. You’re in the right place. In this article, we will show you the step-by-step methods to go about it and have a successful operation. Read on and learn.

Having laminate flooring installed in a home doesn’t need the help of a professional floor fitter, as any keen home innovator can have this done on their own. That’s to tell you how very easy it is to install. However, that’s not the catch right now. Let’s get to work:

Quick Shine® floor finish is safe for any flooring. I mean, ranging from laminates to hardwood flooring. This finish helps protect every sealed hard surface while adding the depth of luster and color. However, this quick shine could also get damaged due to some foreign substances.

How to Remove Quick Shine from Laminate Floors – Step by Step Guide

The first step ever to removing quick shine from any laminate flooring is to use the right cleaning products.
Quick Shine® deep cleaner is specifically made to remove quick shine from all hardwood floors as it completely removes the finish and yet causes no harm to their polyurethane seal.

Step by step guide to removing quick shine effectively and safely from hardwood floors.

Needed requirements

Step 1: Clean the surface

Before proceeding with any operation, you must first start by removing loose dirt and debris from the surface using a microfiber mop. However, to prevent the floor from scratching, be sure the vacuum has a hard floor attachment. Also, it shouldn’t have a beater bar as this could also result in floor scratching.

Step 2: Focus on the heavy buildup.

Fine steel wool sure will do the trick when it comes to heavy buildup. However, avoid using hard scouring brooms on the floor, which may lead to scratches. Also, be reminded that there’s hardly any laminate floor in the market that’s completely scratch-proof.

Step 3: Dilution

Here you want to dilute the deep cleaner. So, in a bucket, pour 2 cups of the deep cleaning product into 3 gallons of hot water to dilute. This process is so to make it more effective and as a result, shining the floor comes with less struggle. Ensure the cleaner is left in hot water for some time before cleaning the surface.

Step 4: Cleaner application

After you’re sure the deep cleaner is completely diluted, you want to apply it to the floor using a sponge or hardwood floor mop.

Note: To remove debris and buildup effectively from the entire floor surface, it is often advised that you work on small sections of the floor at a time.

Step 5: Allow the solution some time.

Your main aim is to remove every last bit of the Quick Shine® from the wood floor. So in this regard, give the cleaner some reasonable period to penetrate deeply into the area to fully disengage the finish.

Note: Once you observe that the Holloway house cleaning solution appears to be getting dry, ensure you add a little water to the surface as failure to do this may result in the solution sticking back on the floor.

Step 6: Check out any film

After a few minutes, observe if there are a few color changes in the floor finish. If the finish turns out to be a milky white color, that tells you the finish is gradually coming out of the floor. After that, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 7: Wipe the surface in small sections.

The next step is to wipe the wood floor using a microfiber scrubber pad to agitate and remove the dirt. And as you already know, you have to work in portions. Work systematically from the anterior end towards the door and outside. You want to introduce some aggressive agitation and elbow grease to remove multiple layers of the finish in case of any.

Step 8: Thorough rinse

After you’re certain the whole finish has completely varnished, you rinse the surface area with clean, warm water. However, endeavor not to flood the area with water as too much moisture could lead to streaks. After that, you proceed to rinse your hardwood floor. Though thoroughly yet carefully using a damp cloth.

Remember you’re still working in portions, so you can now move on to the next 500 sq ft portion and repeat the same procedure(Steps 1-8)

Note: In cases of a heavy buildup of the finish on your hardwood floor, perform a second treatment. More so, you can increase the concentration of the Holloway house deep cleaner for increased effectiveness.

How to get wax off laminate floor

Wax spillage over laminate flooring can create a messy and greasy stain over it, but due to the sturdy nature of laminate flooring, you can easily maintain it.

Experts have advised using just as little moisture as possible on the laminate flooring for its best outcome. Below is the driest cleaning method any user needs to remove wax from laminate flooring.

The first step to removing wax from any laminate flooring is to ice the wax. Fill ice cubes in a small plastic bag and have it sealed up. After that, you place the bag over the waxed area of the laminate flooring until the wax is fully hardened.

Using a credit card or any other similar edged object, carefully scrape the hardened wax off the laminate flooring so as not to cause a scratch or dent to the floor.

Repeat this process as many times as possible until you’re sure the entire wax is off the laminate flooring and then can be discarded in a trash bag.

After that, you prepare a solution containing 1 quart of water and 1/4-cup of white vinegar. Mix this solution in a spray bottle and shake properly until diluted vinegar spray gets ready.

The final step involves spraying the diluted vinegar directly over the laminate flooring where you removed the wax. This prepared solution helps remove greasy residues from the flooring left due to candle wax.

Once this is done, wipe down the floor using a clean cloth to get the vinegar spray and waxy residue out of the surface.

Conclusion – how to remove quick shine from wood floor

Over the years, laminate flooring quality has increased significantly as it tends to be relatively cheaper than real wood flooring. So reputable manufacturers such as Quickstep now invest in the design and production of these laminate flooring products.

The Quick Shine® helps protect and shine sealed hard surfaces and prolong their life. It also provides a quick and easy deep, rich glow to the floor surface.

However, due to several restrictions, getting this finish from your laminate floor can sometimes be so much of a difficult task. Meanwhile, you can successfully remove the quick shine from the floor surface without breaking a sweat with the simple steps explained above.

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