How to Fix Split Wood Table Leg

How to fix split wood table leg? Often, a broken table leg means the table will be thrown out and changed. However, if the table is in good shape or provides a sentimental value, you can repair its leg. When the leg breaks off with a clean, straight horizontal edge, it can be restored using a carpenter’s wood glue.

On the other hand, if the leg broke at a diagonal angle, few extra steps are needed to strengthen the broken area so the table can withstand the weight. The following steps will help you accomplish this task.

Move the table to outdoors or a garage. If moving the table is difficult, place a plastic tarp over the floor to deter it from being damaged during the process of repair.

  • Turn the table in a way that legs pointing towards the air.
  • Return the broken leg to its original position, with the broken edge fitted together as close to its original position as possible.
  • Roll a masking tape aroundd the leg of the table at least four times. It will ensure the position is held while you continue with the repairs you are doing. Afterward, insert a 1/8- inch bit into the drill.
  • Puncture at least two holes in the leg of the table at 90-degrees to each other to the tabletop. The holes you made should be located at the breakpoint and should penetrate the section attached to the table. Then it should go through the broken-off portion of the leg too.
  • The holes you made must go into the whole integrated leg. Then, insert a nail into each hole until it extends through the other side of the table leg.
  • Make use of a hammer to tap the nail in if needed gently.
  • Get rid of the masking tape from around the keg of the table.
  • Seat the stub of the bottle of glue adverse to the leg of the table at the break off point. Squeeze the bottle gently to pour the glue into the break. Slowly work your way around the entire break, inserting the glue round the whole leg of the table.
  • Clasp the leg fractions jointly using your hands to condense the glue.

Roll a 1-foot-long portion of paper wax. This will make the wax viewpoint overlooks the table’s leg. Ensure that the wax paper is wrapped around the entire table leg and secure it with masking tape.

Ensure you allow the table to sit for 24 hours to allow the wood glue to dry. Get rid of the masking tape and wrapping paper from the leg of the table. Chop off the nails finishes as near to the exterior of the leg of the table as feasible. Make use of wire cutters.

File down four protruding ends of the nails until they are smooth and flush with the table leg. Make use of a metal file. Turn the table right side up and return it to the original position.

How to Fix Split Wood Table Leg

how to fix split wood table leg

Wooden tables have legs that are easier to repair than metal table legs. Hardware stores have lots of supplies that will enable you to accomplish this task.

Usually, you can carry out repairs on your own without the services of a professional furniture company. But, for expensive and rare antique tables, and get the services of a professional furniture company. Below are steps you need to follow to repair splits or cracks in table legs.

Step 1
Start by filling small or narrow cracks or splits with wood glue, and clamp the sides of the crack using a screwed C-clamp. To get a better result, allow the glue to dry for wider cracks or cracks where slivers, splinters, or chunks of wood are missing from the crack. Proceed to the next step.

Step 2
Make use of a putty knife to scoop a clump of wood putty from the container. Utilize the flat edge of the putty knife to push the putty into the crack or split until it is filled. The clump of wood should be nickel-sized. To get an excellent result, overfill the crack or damaged area slightly.

Step 3
Make use of a wet sponge to wipe the extra from the leg of the table. Use your fingers to smooth the putty until it is flush with the leg surface. Then, give it time to dry. Wood putty dries after 30 – 35 minutes. If the dried putty surface is wider a quarter-inch, sand it to make it smooth.

Repairing Scuffs and Scratches to Table Legs

To carry out repairs to scuffs and scratches to the legs of your table, follow the steps below.

Step 1
Sand the scuff or scratch lightly to smoothen it.

Step 2
Dip a cotton swab in a wood stain that suits the shade of the wood table leg and paint the scuff or scratch with the swab. Give the stain time to dry. If the scratches or scuff are deep, move to the next step.

Step 3
Light a match and hold the endpoint of a crayon which matches the shade of the wooden table leg over the flame until the colored wax of the crayon starts melting.

Step 4
Drip or press the melting wax into the scratch or scuff. Allow the wax to cool. After, use the blunt side of a table knife to scratch any extra wax smooth lightly and flush the surface of the table leg.

How to Repair Loose Table Leg Joints

When you have loose table leg joints, the steps explained below will help you get rid of this problem.

Step 1
Turn the table over. Position the table leg in the original position as if the table is in good repair. Trace around it using a pencil.

Step 2
Place the L-joint, edges against the table leg, and the other flat edge against the underside of the table. Make use of a pencil to mark the insides of the holes found in the L-joint that is meant for you to screw the screws into the joint holes and the wooden leg and table.

Step 3
Screw a screw into the table leg through the top hole in the L-joint. Screw one screw into the underside of the tabletop going through the end hole found in the L-joint against the underside of the table. L-joint often has two -six holes for attaching to wood or similar objects.

If the wood screws prove difficult to pass into the wood, tap the handle top with a hammer to force them into the wood. After, screw into the leg and table. Once you are done, turn the table right side up.

Conclusion – How to Fix Split Wood Table Leg

You don’t have to get rid of your table because the leg is broken or because it has loose joints. You can fix them quickly if you follow the steps explained in this article. Also, you can fix scratches or scuff to the table after learning all the steps listed above, which will help you accomplish the task.

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