How To Clean Hardwood Floors Without Streaks

Despite the increased use of concrete as a sub-floor in homes, hardwood flooring still remains one of the favorites. They are very popular in homes as they tend to add beauty and value to any home. However, floors are prone to dirt, mess, dust, grime, etc, and they tend to pose a particular challenge as they have some particular cleaning needs.

Having them all shiny and streak-free may seem quite difficult for some people. But with an excellent cleaning technique combined with the right tools, I can assure you will get those floors to shine the way you’ve always wanted.

So here, we give you an easy-to-follow rundown on how to clean hardwood floors without streaks.

Meanwhile, before thinking about getting started, let’s do a bit of research into the type of wood you’ve got.


Figure out what type of finish the floor has.

The very first thing you want to do before cleaning your hardwood floor is to determine the type of finishing the hardwood floor has. If your floor is that of a modern finish, it can be wet-mopped while if it has been waxed or has an older finish, then you really want to give it a gently damp mopping.

Meanwhile, prefinished floors are like the easiest to recognize since every board has beveled edges. So if you floor isn’t glossy, there’s every likelihood you have a stained or unfinished floor.

If your floor is shiny, some testing is required. However, to know if your hardwood floor contains wax or not, moisten extra fine steel wool and have it rubbed on a discreet area. If it happens that a light gray smudge appears on the wool, then you have a wax finish.

If you didn’t notice any smudge, place a few drops of water on the area of the floor with the most traffic.

After a while, the water will remain beaded if you have a modern seal but if the water gets soaked up or darkens the wood, then you have a poorly finished or an older seal.

Most importantly, if you’re unsure about the type of finish your floor’s got, then you really want to run with the gentler method of cleaning your hardwood floor.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors Without Streaks

Best way to clean wood floors without streaking

Oftentimes, I get a lot of questions about cleaning hardwood floors. Most especially is the question I get about how to clean hardwood floors without streak.

However, cleaning and mopping hardwood floors correctly is the key secret to having them cleaned without leaving streaks behind. While cleaning your floor with the best hardwood floor cleaner is the secret to getting a hardwood floor cleaned and well-polished without streaks.


Best mop for hardwood floors

Some people like me, usually do not like to mop. I mean, it is kinda awkward and time-consuming especially if you make use of a wiring mop. So I made my findings and eventually resolved to use the Maker’s Mop. This product is one of the most popular items on Maker’s clean and has received a whole lot of reviews from many happy cleaners. The Maker’s Mop was specially designed with care, basically very versatile, lightweight and easy to use.

So perhaps you’re searching for a super easy-to-use, versatile mop to tackle different types of finished floor in a short period of time, then try Maker’s Mop. Who knows, it might work out for you just like it did for me.

Note: This mop is unsafe for unfinished floor as they may be resistant to water.


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Best hardwood floor cleaner (Store-bought).

I’m aware of the fact that not everyone loves to mix their own floor cleaner. So I recommend my favorite store-bought cleaner for all of you non-DIY cleaners.

Whenever I use a store-bought cleaner, the Bona hardwood floor cleaner is always my run to option.

This hardwood floor cleaner is a much safer option for people, pets and the planet in general. It uses splashes technology and it is eco-friendly. The water-based solution it contains is residue-free and tends to dry up really fast.

So this actually means when you indulge in the right cleaning technique and use the right mop, this cleaner will leave your hardwood floors all shiny and streak-free.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors Without Streaks

How should I then clean my hardwood floor without streaks?

Having your hardwood floor cleaned without leaving streaks behind is just as simple as knowing how to mop them the right way. The key however, is ensuring your mop isn’t too wet. As a matter of fact, you really want to have your mop quite dry. While you want a cleaning solution on your mop, you need just enough quantity to clean and not enough to saturate.

Then, work in what I call the “S pattern”. You start at one corner, and gradually move your way to the other corner and then come back to create an “S pattern”. By doing this, you want to ensure you’re cleaning all the areas of the floor, from top to bottom and left to right.

Also, try as much as possible to have your bucket right behind you. This way you don’t have to walk over areas you’ve mopped to get your bucket and this would in turn save you from having to reclean footprints and blotches while it helps your floor remain streak-free.

Lastly, to obtain that extra shine, let me quickly help you with a professional cleaning secret.

Once you’re done mopping, get a microfiber cloth and give your floor a quick and gentle wipe down to ensure there’s absolutely no water left on the floor.

Having your floor dry ensures they get dried without streaks.


How to mop without streaks.

Giving your floor a regular weekly mopping not only helps to keep it clean, it also helps protect it from any form of damage. While the method of mopping to avoid streaks is the same for all flooring materials, using the right technique paired with the correct cleaner results in lustrous streak-free floors. How it works:

  1. Using a broom or a hard floor attachment on a vacuum cleaner, clean the floor thoroughly. Get rid of all surface dirt and dust, especially in corners and around the room edges because any loose dirt or dust remaining on the floor would likely increase the chances of streaking when you mop.
  2. Choose the right cleaning solution for your floor type. Engage the use of a mild floor cleaning detergent and hot water for linoleum and rubber tiles, equal parts vegetable oil and vinegar for wood floors or 1/2 cup vinegar and a gallon of hot water for brick, stone or ceramic tiles.
  3. Get the mop dipped into the cleaning solution and wring it out until damp. For wood floors, pour the solution in a spray bottle and ensure to spray only the area you’re mopping.
  4. Proceed to mopping the floor with the cleaning solution. Rinse the mop in the cleaning solution and wring it out at intervals.
  5. Replace the cleaning solution for a fresh one if it starts to look dirty as mopping with dirty water increases the chances of streaking.
  6. Mop floors a second time with clear water so as to remove the cleaner residue.
  7. Dry the floor with a clean rag immediately after mopping.


Why should I maintain my hardwood floor?

Hardwood floors are undoubtedly a luxury. Once you step into a house, you’re welcomed with a warm atmosphere as well as a subtle wooden scent that can be so addictive. Hardwood floors tend to add considerable value to a home and are able to last more than a lifetime.

However, amongst other things, having a wooden floor to yourself comes with its responsibilities and failure to maintain your hardwood floor may alter their look or even lead to damage.

Fortunately, while these floors are very sensitive, having them cleaned isn’t that much of a complex task. They only require little quantity of water and you need to sweep them with a broom or vacuum.

Dull floors are also quite easy to fix as natural ingredients or specialized cleaners can be used.

Conclusion: How To Clean Hardwood Floors Without Streaks

Although hardwood floors are delicate, they are not impossible to clean or maintain. They tend to add a significant value to the home and can be a lifetime investment.

However, follow closely, the steps above for a clean and streak-free hardwood floor. They sure should leave your floors looking amazing.

Lastly, remember to take off your shoes while you work in socks and make sure you get a bucket very close to you while mopping.