Bosch Ros20vsc vs Ros20vsk Palm Sander – Comparison Review

The Bosch series is made with a single thing in mind “simplicity and versatility”. The Bosch brand is famous because its products have proven to be helpful and vital in the woodworking business. The Bosch ros20vsc and ros20vsk are made in such a way to make sanding easy and less time-consuming which means they can be applied on both flat and contoured surfaces to give a smooth and beautiful finish.

The Bosch Ros20vsc vs Ros20vsk review contains everything you need to know about each product and the slight differences between the two palm sanders. They function the same way, and they possess almost the same features.

They both have great features that help to give effective results. All this is embodied in a compact body frame. They’re similar in various ways that make them look like a replica of each other, which can make getting to know the differences between the two a little bit difficult and decision-making as to which of the two Bosch palm sanders should be used.

The only distinct difference between the two Bosch series is their casing. Ros20vsc is covered in a soft carrying bag, while Ros20vsk is enclosed in a hard case. Asides from that, they’re similar in various other ways. They have the exact dimensions.

They’re both random orbital sanders. They have a pad dampening system and a dust collection feature. There are other beautiful features they both possess, which I will extensively outline in this review.

Similarities between Bosch Ros20vsc vs Ros20vsk

Effective and proficient: Both palm sanders are similar in that they both effectively sand wood surfaces. They can stand a vast expanse of wood to give an even surface within a short period. They also oppose the pressure that is associated with sanding on both contour and even surfaces.

Random orbital sanders: Both palm sanders are random orbital sanders that consist of variable speed control that makes it easy for you to choose the right speed to work with. The speed control is adjustable such that you can switch between 7,500 and 12,000 pm with a sole rate of 12,000 rpm, which makes it possible for operators to dial all the up and down.

Hook and look surface: Both palm sanders make use of a hook and look surface.

Cord length: Both have a cord length of 8ft, making it easier for them to maneuver and use while it is still 8ft from the power source.

Dust collection feature: Both sanders possess a dust collection feature that consists of a microfilter system that traps dust and particles as small as half a micron in diameter alongside a dust canister that shows the dust level, which is easily detachable.

Hook and loop disc attachment system: Both have this great feature that attaches the sanding pads stick to the hand sander with the help of over 35,000 durable hooks that holds the disc tightly.

Power source: They obtain their power source from electricity with an average capacity of 2.5 Amps and a voltage of 120.

Bosch ROS20vsc 


  •  Ros20vsc has a low vibration system that makes it easy for woodworkers to use, alongside its dampening brake system that makes the system operate smoothly.  
  • Its pad dampening system makes the sander erase any form of swirl marks on even and contoured surfaces to enable a smooth finish.
  • The hook and loop disc attachment system attaches the sanding pads stick to the hand sander with the help of over 35,000 durable hooks that hold the disc tightly.
  • Ros20vsc has an efficient, durable, and portable dust collection feature that consists of a microfilter system that traps dust and particles as small as half a micron in diameter. Its dust canister also shows the dust level, and it is also easily detachable.
  • It has a kit that contains a sanding pad, sanding disc, dust canister, vacuum adapter, soft backing pad, contractor bag, dampening case, and a carrying case. This kit contains everything you need, and you don’t necessarily have to get additional tools.
  • It has a variable speed control with a powerful 2.5 AMP that provides the system with the necessary speed and energy to work effectively. The speed control makes it easy for the user to operate the system between 7,500 and 12,000 pm. 
  • The item dimensions are nine × 5× 6 inches, while the sand disc is 5 inches in size.
  • The whole system weighs 3.5 lbs, making it lightweight and easy to handle, use and maneuver.
  • Its power source is from electricity with an amperage capacity of 2.5 Amps with 120 volts.
  • Ros20vsc has a comfy light-grip top and body design constructed in a way that the user can handle the sander any way without discomfort.


  • it gives a smooth finish
  • its dust collection feature reduces inhalation of dirt.
  • variable speed control
  • easy disc attachment
  • easy to use and handle
  • the casing has a zipper that keeps the system secure.
  • effective and proficient


  • the dust filter is not all efficient
  • the lid bin is quite hard to close
  • the structure is a little complicated

Bosch Ros20vsk 


  •  It has variable speed control that can change the speeds to your preferred one. Apart from the variable speeds, it has a powerful motor with a power of 2.5 Amps that generates enough speed and control the sander requires functioning effectively.
  • Ros20vsk has a tool kit that consists of a sanding disc, vacuum adaptor, dampening ring, dust canister, sanding pad, and a hard carrying case. The tool kit saves money as you don’t have to spend extra money getting tools.
  • It’s highly effective and time-saving, making it versatile carpentry and cabinetry work tool.
  • It provides a smooth finish through its past dampening system that helps by removing swirl marks on the surface of the wood.
  • The microcellular backing pad makes the sander work in a way that gives a smooth, even, and perfect finish on flat and contoured surfaces.
  • It has a dimension of 9×5×6 inches.
  • Its power source is generated from electricity through a cord that produces 120 volts to power the system.
  • Ros20vsk has a hook and loop disc attachment system that helps the sanding pads stick to the hand sander and fit the sander’s pads.
  • Its micro filter system traps dust and other particles that are as small as 0.5 micron in diameter, which helps to get rid of excess dust from the air. 
  • It has a portable, durable dust canister that shows the amount of dust in it, and one beautiful thing about it is that it is easily detachable when the dust is to be emptied.
  • With its 6.5-inch hose, maneuverability is possible as the sander is used a few inches from the power source.
  • Its braking system increases the system’s efficiency that gives a fine finish on wood surfaces.
  • It weighs 3.5lbs, which makes it lightweight and easy to handle.


  • time saving
  • its variable speed control makes it easy to operate the system between various speeds.
  • it has a microfilter system
  • easy disc attachment
  • effective, proficient, and gives a smooth finish


  • It is way expensive
  • the converter doesn’t stay on the sander
  • its complicated structure might be impossible to use by amateurs.
  • the dust canister clogs easily and needs to be cleaned up regularly.

Differences between Ros20vsc and Ros20vsk

Both sanders are so similar that it’s not easy to get the differences. However, the significant difference between the two palm sanders is their casing. Ros20vsc is made up of a soft carrying bag consisting of inner gentle linen material, while Ros20vsk is made of a hard case with a latch to keep it enclosed.

Ros20vsc is more cost-effective when compared to Ros20vsk because it’s still a couple of dollars cheaper than ros20vsk.


Both Bosch series is excellent and highly effective, but if you want to go for something more like a tool kit, then ros20vsc is the suitable choice. It contains all you need, and though both ros20vsc and ros20vsk are within the same price range, ros20vsc is more cost-effective if you want something way cheaper and effective.

Conclusion – Bosch Ros20vsc vs Ros20vsk

We had reviewed two of the Bosch series, and so far, the two products look almost the same, and mere looking at the two, it’ll be hard to see the distinct differences between the two of them. They possess the same features, and the only striking difference between them is their casing.

Both sanders are highly effective and proficient. The features are specifically designed to make carpentry and woodworking generally easier. They can work on any surface, be it flat or contoured, to give a smooth and even finish. This review will make your decision-making easier.

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