7 Best Epoxy Resin For River Table |Review & Buying Guide (2022 Updated)

You do not only require woodworking skills to create beautiful pieces of furniture like a river table. Sometimes, you need to apply a high gloss finish to make it appealing and stunning. If you want to give your river table the best finish, you need the best epoxy resin for river tables.

Epoxy resins are formulas that create a crystal clear coating and finish when used on wood materials. Besides giving your wood table a gloss finish, it protects the table from scratch and wears and tear.

Getting the best epoxy resin isn’t easy due to the various products in the market. That is why we have come up with this review to help you make the right decision.

Choose from our Top 3 Epoxy Resin for Wood River Table

Best Buy
RTG Bar & Table Top Epoxy
Editor's Pick
Art 'N Glow
RTG Bar & Table Top Epoxy Resin for Bars Countertops Furniture and Tables
Art ‘N Glow Epoxy Resin for Clear Casting and Coating - 16 Ounce Kit - Perfect for Molds, Crafts, Tumblers, Jewelry, Wood - Food Safe, Non Yellowing, Bubble Free, and Made in The USA
TotalBoat Table Top Epoxy Resin 1 Gallon Kit - Crystal Clear Coating and Casting Resin for Bar Tops, Table Tops, Wood, Concrete, Epoxy Art & Crafts
Prime Status
Star Rating
Best Buy
RTG Bar & Table Top Epoxy
RTG Bar & Table Top Epoxy Resin for Bars Countertops Furniture and Tables
Prime Status
Star Rating
Editor's Pick
Art 'N Glow
Art ‘N Glow Epoxy Resin for Clear Casting and Coating - 16 Ounce Kit - Perfect for Molds, Crafts, Tumblers, Jewelry, Wood - Food Safe, Non Yellowing, Bubble Free, and Made in The USA
Prime Status
Star Rating
TotalBoat Table Top Epoxy Resin 1 Gallon Kit - Crystal Clear Coating and Casting Resin for Bar Tops, Table Tops, Wood, Concrete, Epoxy Art & Crafts
Prime Status
Star Rating

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Top 7 Best Epoxy Resin For Wood River Table

1. RTG Supply CO Bar & Table Top Epoxy – Best Overall Epoxy Resin

If you want an affordably-priced epoxy resin with good quality, you should go for the RTG Supply Co Bar & Table Top Epoxy. This epoxy product creates a super glossy coating on the surface you are applying it. The best thing about this durable epoxy product is that it’s scratch and moisture-resistant. It doesn’t get affected by stains, water, or moisture, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Additionally, this product creates a bubble-free appearance, making your work appear smoother and level. When the air pockets rise, you can use a hairdryer to remove the bubbles straightforwardly. Plus, the resin itself is self-leveling, thus minimizing the stress of painting some surfaces.

Furthermore, the product is UV-resistant, so that you can use the product outdoors for some time. However, I advise that you don’t use it for too long to avoid damages. Temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit can damage the paint.

Conclusively, it’s easy to mix the product. The formula is ⅛” thick, so you don’t have to apply so many layers to get the right coating thickness. One single pour is the same as multiple layers. Since the product is self-leveling, you don’t get to pour much of the formula on the surface. It also dries fast and clear.


  • Straightforward to use
  • Cures into a super clear finish
  • Resistant to scratch, moisture, and stains
  • Resists sun rays to a great deal
  • Minimizes bubbles


  • Not intended for prolonged outdoor use

This product’s affordability is incredible and one of the reasons it’s one of the best epoxy products on the market. Not only is it affordable but high-quality.

2. Art ‘N’ Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin – Best Small-sized Epoxy Resin

Art ‘N’ Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin is one product that has everything you need to turn your river table into a clear and durable finish. One of the best features of this high-quality formula is its self-leveling capability. Once applied, this product spreads evenly to other wood areas, saving you ample time from applying the finish further.

Besides, the formula comes with an anti-bubble feature. This feature makes it impossible for bubbles to form during the painting or curing period. Art ‘N’ Glow comes in a small-sized pint compared to other epoxy formulas on the list. Its size may deter people who want an epoxy formula for large applications from buying.

Despite its small size, this formula has a wide coverage. Like I earlier stated, its self-leveling property is incredible, so it might still be the right option for large projects. You just have to ensure you it’s enough for your project. The epoxy product also cures fast, leaving no chance of debris or dirt interfering with your work. Plus, it withstands UV lights and cures into a clear, non-yellowish appearance.

Art ‘N Glow Epoxy Resin for Clear Casting and Coating - 16 Ounce Kit - Perfect for Molds, Crafts, Tumblers, Jewelry, Wood - Food Safe, Non Yellowing, Bubble Free, and Made in The USA
  • DEPENDABLE QUALITY: Art ‘N Glow’s clear epoxy resin kit is designed to work with our glow in the dark and other craft pigments and inclusions to ensure exceptional results. Easy one to one mix ratio by volume with forgiving 40 minute work time is great for beginners and professionals alike. Stringent quality control at our US manufacturing facility and improved inventory management ensure you get a crystal clear, consistently performing resin every time.
  • FORMULATION PERFECTED: All resin is not created equally. Our epoxy includes expensive additives such as UV stabilizers and HALS to prevent yellowing as well as proprietary bubble release technology to ensure your finished casting or coating are bubble free and clear as glass. Each 16 oz kit includes 8 oz resin and 8 oz hardener to total 16 fl oz. Easy to follow instructions included.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: Looking for a fun DIY home improvement or art project? Our resin hardens to 80+ Shore D, is food safe, self leveling, low odor, and VOC free. This makes it perfect for use as a table top epoxy, epoxy for tumblers, or to create beautiful serving trays. These characteristics also make it great for woodworking and wood stabilization, furniture, and mixed media.
  • FLUID ART, CASTINGS, AND MORE: Since our resin was designed to excel in both casting AND coating applications, it is perfect for a variety of projects. Create beautiful fluid pours, seal canvas paintings, and coat bars and countertops. Use silicone resin molds to craft resin jewelry, coasters, trays, containers, dice, figurines, and more! Recommended max casting size is 6 fluid ounces but there is no limit for coating applications.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA: We believe in crafting the highest quality products for all your needs. That’s why our epoxy resin is made in the USA. Our office and customer service team are located in Dallas, TX and we look forward to answering any product or project specific questions you might have! Happy crafting.

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  • Great self-leveling properties
  • UV rays-resistant
  • Comes with an anti-bubbling property
  • The epoxy resin cures into a clear and bright finish.
  • Dries fast


  • The epoxy formula is not great for large projects.

The size of this epoxy formula may be small, but it has all the features you need to make your wood look glossy and beautiful.

3. TotalBoat Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear – Best Mixing Epoxy Resin

TotalBoat Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear is another excellent product that will leave your surface glowing and super clear. This product contains one gallon of epoxy and a hardener that is mixed in a 1:1 ratio.

What I like about this product is that you can use any tool to apply this resin. Whether you use a brush, rollers, or foam, this product will perfectly stick to the surface. The epoxy product cures into a non-yellowish, glassy finish, and the fact that it’s self-leveling makes it one of the top choices out there.

I also love this product because you can use it on various surfaces, not just wood only. Because the formula is BPA-free, you can use it on several craft projects, concretes, etc. This product satisfies all FDA requirements. It doesn’t contain any harmful substance, making it easier to use on tabletops and counters, which frequently contact food.

TotalBoat Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear is scratch-resistant, so when applied, its glassy appearance is maintained. It’s heat-resistant and ⅛” thick, so you don’t need to pour so many coats to make the surface thick.

TotalBoat Table Top Epoxy Resin 1 Gallon Kit - Crystal Clear Coating and Casting Resin for Bar Tops, Table Tops, Wood, Concrete, Epoxy Art & Crafts
  • CLEAR EPOXY RESIN for a high gloss finish on bar tops, table tops & countertops; add pigments, tints or encapsulations to make your piece truly unique; versatile craft resin is also great for coating tumblers and casting coasters & jewelry
  • EPOXY RESISTS SCRATCHES, STAINS AND YELLOWING: Self-leveling formula cures to a finish as smooth as glass; use this versatile DIY resin on wood, concrete, ceramic, stainless steel and more; 100% waterproof upon cure
  • 2 PART EPOXY IS EASY TO USE: Just mix 1 part resin to 1 part hardener, stir thoroughly, and pour on your prepared surface; the epoxy will level on its own and cure at room temperature; maximum pour depth per layer is 1/8" - 1/4"
  • NO VOCs, LOW ODOR, BPA-FREE: No harsh fumes - ideal for indoor or shop use with adequate ventilation and proper PPE; all ingredients in this food safe epoxy resin are on the USDA approved list for contact with food, once cured; 100% made in the USA
  • 1 GALLON EPOXY KIT includes 1/2 gallon of resin & 1/2 gallon of hardener; application temperature: 70-80°F; working time: 20 min. @ 70°F; recoat time: 4-8 hrs; cure time: 16-20 hrs @ 70°F; coverage: 12.8 sq ft at 1/8" thick; store at 60-90°F

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  • Doesn’t cure into a yellowish finish
  • Resistant to scratches and stains
  • Moisture-resistant
  • You can use it on a variety of surfaces.
  • BPA-free and non-toxic
  • Self-leveling


  • When exposed for a long period under the sun, it breaks apart.

TotalBoat Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear finish is a great alternative to epoxy formulas that contain harmful chemicals. I recommend this product if you want a product that you can use on a variety of surfaces.

4. ProMarine Supplies Art Resin – 2 Gal Pro Art Resin Kit – Best Large-sized Epoxy Resin

If you are looking for the perfect epoxy formula to suit a beginner, professional, and artisans, the ProMarine Supplies Art Resin – 2 Gal Pro Art Resin Kitis your ideal option. This fantastic formula is made with good-quality ingredients that cure into a glossy finish. One great feature of this product is its versatility. You can use this formula to coat various projects that aren’t wood, such as jewelry, crafts, etc.

ProMarine includes a UV formula that makes the resin suitable for exterior use. This means that you can feel comfortable coating your desired material outdoors without any hassle.

This formula is FDA certified safe to use. It’s made with unharmful, premium-quality ingredients that you can use on all wood material that regularly comes in contact with food, kitchen utensils, etc.

Additionally, the formula is self-leveling and thick. You only need to pour a little quantity over the surface you want to coat, and the content will spread evenly to other uncoated areas. With this formula, you get to witness your wood shine brighter and glossier.

Furthermore, this resin comes with a very straightforward mixing formula. It includes a gallon and a hardener that can be mixed in the ratio of 1:1, enough to coat wide areas of your material.

Epoxy Resin Promise Pro Art Epoxy 2 Gallon - Crystal Clear UV Art Formula for Resin Charms, Jewelry Making, Tabletops, and Bar Tops with Enhanced UV Resistance - DIY Art Kit for Home Decor and DIYers
  • Formerly Pro Marine: Two renowned epoxy brands, ProMarine Supplies and Incredible Solutions, have united to form Promise Epoxy, the ultimate powerhouse in the art and home decor industries.
  • User-Friendly: Whether you're a professional artist or a DIY enthusiast, the Promise Epoxy Art Resin offers top-tier protection and gloss for your creations.
  • Safe: Crafted with high-quality, non-toxic ingredients, this art resin epoxy clear is 100% safe for indoor and outdoor use, ensuring no harmful fumes, reactions, or chemicals.
  • Brilliant Shine: Experience an intense, lasting gloss with the self-leveling formula of this art resin kit, backed by UV resistance that stands the test of time.
  • Easy Application: Perfect for both beginners and pros, this resin kit boasts a user-friendly 1:1 ratio and smooth texture. The kit includes 1 gallon resin and 1 gallon hardener to cover your needs.

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  • The formula is FDA regulated.
  • Dries and cures quickly.
  • Leaves a clear and bright surface
  • Bubble-free
  • Smells nice
  • Excellent coating and self-leveling properties.


  • Not very thick. You may need to use multiple thin layers of the resin.

This formula may not be at the top of this list, but it’s got great features that will leave your river table appealing.

5. Pourable Plastic Clear Casting Resin 1.5 Gallon Kit – Best Epoxy Resin for UV Resistance

Pourable Plastic Clear Casting Resin 1.5 Gallon Kit is a thick formula that will give you the coating you desire. This formula is manufactured with superior materials for coating all art projects, crafts, jewelry, and river tables. When applied, it cures into an ultra-clear finish, which some epoxy products don’t offer.

While a vast majority of epoxies yellow over time, especially when exposed directly under the sun frequently, this resin formula will stay on your table for a long period before yellowing, thanks to the UV-resistant feature. Additionally, this product is resistant to scratches and impacts. Once applied to the table, it cures into a clear surface devoid of any blemishes. It’s also bubble-resistant and water-resistant, so you don’t need to be scared of water spills while painting.

More importantly, this resin is non-toxic and has a low odor, making it safe to use indoors. However, this epoxy coating isn’t suitable for oil-based paint, as it isn’t resistant to stains. Pouring it over an oil-based paint will only make it look like one.

Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Promise - 1.5 Gallon Kit for River Table & Artistic Castings and DIY Projects | Crystal Clear 2:1 Ratio USA-Made Resin | Low Odor | High-Gloss Finish | Up to 4" Pouring Depth
  • Deep Pouring Depth: With an impressive pouring depth of up to 4", this epoxy resin allows you to securely encapsulate objects in crystal clear casting resin, preserving their beauty in applications like river table, live edges, arts and craft table, and artistic embedments.
  • Extended Working Time: A resin kit for beginners and experts, Promise Deep Pour Epoxy Resin a clear epoxy resin offers an extended working time, allowing ample time to eliminate bubbles and imperfections, guaranteeing a flawless glasslike finish.
  • Vivid High-Gloss Finish: Elevate your projects with a touch of elegance using our crystal clear epoxy resin. This resin craft kit provides a stunning high-gloss finish that enhances the visual appeal of your DIY creations.
  • USA Factory Manufacturing: Manufactured proudly in the USA, our epoxy resin provides a low odor experience and, when used and cured properly, is safe. Its compatibility with Mica Pigment Powders results in crystal clear cures that accentuate your added colors.
  • Formerly Incredible Solutions: Two renowned epoxy brands, ProMarine Supplies and Incredible Solutions, have united to form Promise Epoxy, the ultimate powerhouse in the resin art and home decor industries.

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  • The resin formula cures into a bubble-free finish.
  • Resistant to water or moisture
  • Protects table from UV light
  • Thick
  • When dried, it leaves a crystal clear surface.


  • It takes a long time to cure properly.

Pourable Plastic Clear Casting is another durable product that you should consider buying for effective coating performance.

6. ResinArt Crystal Clear Resin Coating & Casting Artist Series – Best for Beginners

The coating & casting formula is an excellent formula that will add value to your river table. Like the Pourable Plastic epoxy resin, you can use the ResinArt series on a variety of projects, such as casting jewelry and coating tabletops, river tables, etc.

ResinArt Crystal Clear formula comes complete with all the accessories that you need to improve your river table’s texture. It’s easy to use, thanks to its simple mixing 1:1 ratio formula. All you need to do is mix the resin and the included hardener, and you are good to go.

Additionally, this resin formula is made with non-toxic ingredients that make it suitable for coating tabletops and river tables regularly used to keep utensils and food. It’s certified food-safe, which is great. The formula is also resistant to UV light so that you can do your painting outside. However, you shouldn’t expose the formula for a prolonged time outside to avoid delamination.

This is a great product for all age categories, whether you are a teenager or an adult. It mixes conveniently, and ease of use makes it a good candidate for beginners and experts. Plus, it comes at a great, affordable cost, which is impressive.

However, the resin comes in a small-sized bottle, making it unsuitable to use for large projects, except bought in multiple packages. Some of the bottles also arrived leaking resin, which didn’t turn out to be the best experience.

NAKED FUSION Epoxy Resin Art Resin Crystal Clear Formula- The Artist's Resin for Coating, Casting, Resin Art, Geodes, Tabletop, Bar Top, Live Edge Tables, River Tables- Non-Toxic -32 OZ KIT
  • 💎 NAKED FUSION-The ARTIST’S RESIN – Art Resin Epoxy Kit is specially formulated for ARTISTS! CRYSTAL CLEAR & NON-TOXIC- It’s NAKED – ZERO VOCS and odor free for better air quality while you work - breathe easy while working with Naked Fusion.
  • 💎WHAT IS IMPROVED IN THE NEW FORMULA? Improved 4X UV Resistance and Non Yellowing - Improved Heat Resistance 230 F - Improved Advanced Bubble Release Technology - Improved Packaging with High Quality Box - PLUS Bonus Items - 2 250ml Silicone Cups , 4 Vinyl Gloves, 2 Spreaders and 4 Pipettes - Experience the difference!
  • 💎 EXCELLENT for all Casting, Coating and Art Projects including Resin Art, Resin Jewelry, Coating Artwork/Acrylic Pour Paintings, Geode Paintings, Silicone Molds, Flowers, Coasters, Tabletops, Bartop, Countertop, Live Edge River Tables, Tumblers, Wood Blocks, Cutting Boards and more! It has fantastic color stability to preserve the rich colors of your artwork.
  • 💎 It’s UV RESISTANT, SELF LEVELING and cures ROCK SOLID with a HIGH GLOSS mirror shine. Add a beautiful GLASS like coating to any surface. Enjoy the LONGER 45 minute working time that gives more time for the creative process. It is FOOD SAFE for use on counter tops, cutting boards and other items in the kitchen.
  • 💎 THE ARTIST’S RESIN is fantastic for producing VIVID and LUMINESCENT COLORS when mixed with MICA PIGMENTS and pastes. It also works fabulous with alcohol inks and it creates beautiful cells! This resin makes stunning effects that you will fall in love with!

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  • It’s super straightforward to mix.
  • Easy to use
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Great for beginners
  • Creates no bubbles
  • Dries hard
  • Cures into a clear finish


  • Some of the bottles leak resin.
  • Comes in a relatively small-sized bottle

This product is a wonderful bargain for beginners, as it’s simple to mix and straightforward to use.

7. Limino UV Resin 120g Transparent Ultraviolet Curing Epoxy Resin – Best Affordable Epoxy Resin

If you want the best affordable resin formula with superb self-degassing properties and fast curing, you are welcome to try this Limino formula. This type of resin is Japan made and manufactured with non-toxic materials, harmless chemicals for use on kitchen counters and river tables.

This epoxy resin cures hard within some minutes and comes with UV light protection for exterior use. One of the best things about this resin formula is that you don’t get to mix it – you just apply it directly from the bottle. This is one formula that’s very convenient to use.

The epoxy resin self-levels and leaves a bubble-free finish, thanks to its degassing properties. The resin cures into a smooth, glossy finish, typical of a great quality product. It’s also resistant to scratches and stains. It also doesn’t discolor, which means the surface appears clear when the formula cures.

However, the formula tends to give off some odor during application. You should use a respirator or a face mask while using the resin. The good thing is the odor disappears once it cures hard, so you don’t have any need to worry. Above all, the product is well-packaged and comes at an excellent, cost-effective price.

Limino UV Resin 120g Transparent Epoxy for DIY Jewelry Making, Craft Decoration - Solar Cure Activated, Hard Crystal Clear, Anti-Scratch, Non-Toxic
  • CONVENIENT & EFFICIENT - Our UV resin is ready to use and can instantly cure hard in minutes with 36W UV light or sunlight. Do not need to measure, mix the ratio or take long curing time like AB resin.
  • SUPERB QUALITY - Transparent UV epoxy resin with self-leveling and self-degassing properties can cure smooth crystal clear, glassy finish. Anti-scratch, anti-stain and yellowing resistance.
  • SAFE - Our hard type craft resin is imported from Japan and made from high-quality and non-toxic materials. There is an odor before curing, it is harmless and will completely disappear after curing.
  • MULTIPURPOSE - The clear UV glue can be used for jewelry making, crafts decorations, casting and coating, cast figurines and make resin paintings etc. It can also be mixed with mica powder, colorants, glitter to get colorful finishes.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE - Package includes 120g(4.2 oz) transparent UV resin which perfect design for all DIY handmade lovers or those who are just new to resin crafting. Click ‘Add to Cart’ and make sure to share your creative projects to us!

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  • It’s easy to use
  • Comes with superb adhesive properties
  • Versatile and can be used on many projects.
  • Great value for money
  • Resistant to UV light
  • Possess self-degassing properties
  • Cures into a smooth finish
  • It doesn’t require mixing of any kind.


  • Gives off a bad smell during use
  • Comes in a small-sized pint.

Considering the price and quality features, this resin formula is one of the best available on the market. Therefore, you should consider buying it if you are looking for a great product at an affordable price.

Best Epoxy Resin For River Table Buyers Guide

Searching for the best epoxy resin for river tables can be challenging, especially if you haven’t used one before. To get the right one for your project, you need to consider a lot of factors. These factors will be covered in this buying guide.

Types of Epoxy Formulas

When choosing an epoxy formula, you will likely encounter two types – casting resin and tabletop epoxy resin. Both are used for coating several wood surfaces. However, casting resins are used for applying thicker coatings, whereas tabletop epoxy is for thinner applications. Tabletop epoxy formulas are used if you want a wider coverage. If you have a tabletop, tabletop formulas are the best to use.

While epoxy resins are mostly for coating, casting resins are mainly used for casting molds, figurines, etc. However, you can use casting resins for coating as well. Moreover, brands combine resins and epoxy formulas into one for more effectiveness.

Appearance/ Gloss of the Finish

How clear and bright is the finish? Although most varnishes tend to be clear, some leave off a yellow appearance on the wood. Others are not very glossy. In essence, the gloss qualities of epoxy resins vary.

It’s best to choose the best epoxy finishes that are crystal clear and give off a shiny coating. You should also avoid epoxy finishes that give off yellow appearances if you want to attain a super bright appearance.

Size of Your Project

The size of your project will determine the quantity of epoxy formula you want to use. Epoxy formulas come in gallons, pint sizes, etc. If the area you want to apply the finish is extensive, you need to purchase a finish with the widest coverage when you apply it on the surface. This will give you real value for money.

Drying and Curing Time

Epoxy finishes vary in drying and curing time. Some formulas dry and cure faster than others. If you must buy an epoxy finish, you should consider this factor.

The best epoxy formulas are those that dry and cure fast. You should go for epoxy formulas that take less than a day to dry on a small surface and not more than three days to dry on large surfaces. Long curing times could mean working extendedly, and the waiting time could introduce foreign objects to the coating.

Tabletop epoxies dry faster than most epoxy formulas out there, but they aren’t suitable if you want to fill up the deep mold. Casting resins dry more slowly but are exposed to dirt and debris.


A lot of people experience bubbles appearing on surfaces during their painting sessions. These bubbles can ruin the surface’s appearance. Bubbles are common, but you can prevent them completely from happening. So what do you do? Look for epoxies that come with anti-bubbles features. These types of epoxy formulas reduce the chances of bubbles forming during painting, which gives you better finishes.

UV Blockers

Some epoxies don’t work well outdoors. When exposed to the sun’s rays, it discolors and results in the surface’s fading. If you want to use an epoxy finish outdoors, it’s best to go for formulas that come with UV blockers. Epoxy formulas with UV blockers will prevent sun damages and ensure that you do your coating outside.

Self-Leveling Formulas

Self-leveling formulas flatten and spread the excess finish to other areas without your help. Buying such a formula will help you attain a smoother finish over the painted surfaces with less stress. Plus, it will save you the time needed to correct those surfaces that the finish didn’t evenly spread. With self-leveling formulas, you don’t need to brush up the surface in a bid to a level surface.

Using Hardeners

Epoxy formulas usually include two components in their package – the resin and the hardener. Hardeners are useful components that are mixed with the resin to facilitate faster drying. If you are new to applying epoxy finishes, you need to look out for epoxy formulas that have a longer drying time so that you can have time to coat the surface better. The hardener you use is of utmost priority.

Moisture Resistance

Tabletops and river tables are predisposed to water spillage. Buying water-resistant epoxy formulas will shield the wooden surface should water spillage occur. It also enables you to use the epoxy finish outdoors in high humidity.

Scratch Resistance

Some epoxies are more resistant to scratch and impact than others. Scratch-resistant epoxy resins are the ones you should consider buying when you go shopping.

Food Safe Applications

If you want to coat a tabletop or surfaces that usually comes in contact with epoxy formulas with food, you need to ensure that the epoxy formula is in line with FDA regulations. In other words, you need to ensure that the finish is non-toxic.


Epoxy formulas aren’t too expensive, although they differ in prices. It’s best to choose the best formula that suits your purpose at a price that meets your budget.

How to Make Epoxy Resin Wood River Table

Making epoxy resin wood river table is only possible with the right techniques and materials. An epoxy river table is a piece of furniture, constructed with wooden planks and rein in between them, containing resins that resemble a flowing stream. Epoxy resin wood river tables are very modern, appealing, and eye-catching.

To make an epoxy resin river table, you’ll need the following materials and equipment.

  • A casting resin of low viscosity and a laminating resin.
  • Safety clothes and equipment (masks, gloves, goggles)
  • Large mixing cups
  • Caulking gun
  • Silicone glue
  • MDF Board
  • Screws
  • Chisel
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood oil
  • Heat gun

Step by Step Guide

  • Choose a beautiful wood material that’s about 1.6″ thick.
  • Dry and saw it to the appropriate half-length with a circular saw.
  • Sand off the edges first with a chisel, and then use sandpaper of 80-grit for sanding the entire wood.
  • Wipe off any sawdust or residue from the wood.
  • Fill up any crack or holes with epoxy resin and wait till the area cures.
  • Seal the entire wood with the same epoxy resin and allow it to dry for five to six hours.
  • Assemble some 15mm MDF boards into a mold according to the required length of your initial wood. Take note of the side panels, as it should be about 10mm higher than the tabletop.
  • Use silicone glue to seal the edges and apply a silicone spray of up to three layers on the entire mold.
  • Attach the wood to the mold inaccurate positions with parallel clamps.
  • At this point, you need to wear your safety clothes and equipment, as you will be dealing with epoxy resins.
  • Mix the epoxy resin in a large bucket, large enough to mix the entire resins. It should be thoroughly mixed.
  • Remove the air bubbles with a heat gun.
  • Pour the resins into two separate containers equally. Add any pigment of your choice to the first and another pigment to the second container.
  • Pour both simultaneously from one side into the mold in circular movements.
  • Use a stick to make the pattern you desire in the resin.
  • Allow the surface to cure adequately.
  • Sand the tabletop with 220-grit sandpaper.

Conclusion- Best Epoxy Resin For River Table

Epoxy resins bring out the best of river tables. The best epoxy resin for river tables enhances your table’s lifespan, boosts its aesthetic value and overall look, and preserves the surface. These epoxy resin options reviewed here are some of the best in the market, and I’m confident that you won’t be disappointed while using any of them. Some of them are affordable, have wide coverage, and are suited for a beginner’s use, which I utterly commend.


What is the best epoxy resin for river tables?

RTG Supply CO Bar & Table Top Epoxy is the best epoxy resin for river tables. Apart from that, tons of other excellent epoxy resins, like Art ‘N’ Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin, are great for river tables.

Why is epoxy resin so expensive?

Epoxy is expensive because of its durability and formulation requirements. Epoxy formulas are water-resistant, so they aren’t affected by water or liquid spill.

How thick should an epoxy table be?

Coatings shouldn’t exceed ⅛” in one thick pour or multiple thin pours. Since most epoxy resin formulas are ⅛” thick, it should be enough to make a table thick.

How long does the epoxy table last?

An epoxy table should last for up to 20 years without having to apply another epoxy coat. However, this depends if the wood was cured properly and all factors are considered.

How do I calculate how much epoxy I need?

Calculating how much epoxy need depends on the surface’s shape. If you intend to coat on a round surface, measure the diameter and divide by 2 to get the radius. Then multiply the radius by 3.14 and the epoxy coating thickness.

Important Reads: