How to Make Tung Oil Dry Faster

How to Make Tung Oil Dry Faster

Tung oil is a natural, efficient oil finish that has been used for centuries. It has proven to be efficient in being water-resistant and has great resilience against wear and tears. Also, it poses no form of harm to your wood.

Tung oil is a form of finish that bonds to your wood to give it a protective hard coat that makes it resilient to water and moisture.

Although it is a proficient surface coat, it takes a longer time to dry and eventually cure. Along the process of applying your tung oil, you might realize your surface coat is all gummy and tacky, and you’re probably wondering how to make tung oil dry faster. I’ll say this article is just for you! 

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How to Stop a Crack in Wood from Spreading

Having cracks in your wood, be it interior(tea table, wooden tables) or exterior house furniture(railings, patio boards), is inevitable. 

Wood wears out over time as a result of aging, warping and moisture. Although your wood might crack in various ways, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dispose of your wood. All you have to do is follow the simple steps on how to stop a crack in wood from spreading, which is specifically outlined in this article just for you!

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Top 4 Best Paint Sprayer for Oil Based Paint (Reviews & Buying Guide 2022)

Best Paint Sprayer for Oil Based Paint

There are several reasons why hobbyists and DIYers choose a paint sprayer over a brush or a roller? Paint sprayers are faster, more efficient, and designed to handle various interior and exterior coatings.

If you want to apply oil-based paint on your pieces of furniture, metals, cars, you need the best paint sprayer for oil-based paint.

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Top 5 Best Epoxy Resin for Thick Pours (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022)

best epoxy resin for thick pours

Best quality epoxy resins come with a very effective UV protection in the epoxy and protect your work from yellowing but rather maintains its shine. Epoxy resin is a flexible silicone resin made up of two parts: the resin and the hardener. These two substances harden in a matter of hours when combined and are usually mixed in the ratio of 1:1 or 1:2

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How to Remove Stain from Wood without Sanding

Sanding has proven to be a very potent way of removing dirt, grime and stain from wood, and as much as it might be a reliable method of stain removal, it has its cons as it might tamper with the wood’s sharp edges as well as scrape more wood than you intend.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering how to remove stain from wood without sanding. Then I’ll say this is the right article for you.

 Although sanding is a reliable method of stain removal still, it has its disadvantages. It gives wood dust particles that are not healthy when inhaled too often and not suitable for those with respiratory tract diseases or those suffering from allergic rhinitis. The dust from the wood particles can be an irritant.

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Top 5 Best Finish for Farmhouse Table (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022)

Best finish for farmhouse table

A good finish helps preserve a farmhouse table from undergoing wear, adds beauty to the table, protects the table from scratches and anything else it might come in contact with, adds beauty to the table and enhances its overall outlook. To achieve a great-looking farmhouse table, you need to be a little patient (A farmhouse table looks better when it has a finish).

You need to make sure you choose the best finish for farmhouse table, and you also require the necessary skills to do a good job.

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Top 5 Best Spar Varnish for Exterior Wood Door

Best spar varnish for exterior wood door

Exterior doors have a unique sense of attraction and beauty on their own. They can be an attractive way to make a statement at your front entry and give guests an idea of what awaits them in your home’s interior. Spar varnish, most times referred to as marine varnish, is created specifically for outdoor use. Since any wood left outdoors is prone to absorbing moisture and expanding, these varnishes have a higher oil ratio to resin, making them more versatile.

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How to Darken Pine Wood without Stain

How to darken pinewood without stain? Pinewood naturally tends to mellow or darken with time. Pinewood darkening transforms the color of the wood and helps to guard the surface against watermark, scratches, and environmental destruction and highlights the lovely natural grain of the wood.

But do you know how you can darken wood without having to use commercially available stains? Well, we will perfectly guide you through. If you follow the process presented here, you can give pine wood your desired dark color.

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Top 7 Best Stain for Maple Wood| How to Stain Maple Dark

Best Stain for Maple Wood

Getting the best stain for maple wood is one thing that most woodworkers and hobbyists find tough. Although favorite for furniture making, maple wood, like cherry and oak are erratic. They can react unpredictably when certain stains are used on them. It is also susceptible to shrinkage, so using the best stain for maple wood is paramount.

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Makita 9403 vs 9404 |Best Belt Sander Full Comparison Review

Makita 9403 vs 9404

A good belt could be a nice profit, particularly if you’ve got piles of the woodwork. Belt sanders make woodworking much easier, quicker, and projects faster. Makita 9403 and Makita 9404 are both mighty instruments that use fine grit belts, which add shape and, most importantly, end tasks that offer a tough time selecting the most effective and appropriate product to be used.

This article regarding the Makita 9403 vs 9404 is simply the perfect guide to selecting the most effective product to be used that entails the variations, distinctive features, and similarities that you must understand before obtaining the best sander for your woodwork. 

The Makita 9403 belt sander has a very intuitive and lightweight design at solely 13 pounds so that you can comfortably work for an extended time. The Makita 9404 belt sander is in many ways almost like the previous sander. This last sander comes with a uniform, lightweight design at 10.3 pounds.

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Jet JWL 1015 Review – Based On Personal Experience

Jet JWL 1015 Review

A mini woodworking lathe is a benchtop lathe with a 15″ capacity which is the perfect tool to getting small projects such as turning bowls and pen blanks accurately done.

That is why Jet JWL 1015 was made for you to have wood constantly turning under control, which is undoubtedly the best choice, especially for an amateur woodturner or a professional turner looking for a small, fully-featured machine.

This Jet JWL 1015 review article explains everything you need to know about the splendid woodturning lathe that ensures high stability and much better working support, which is best for your project, unlike other varieties of wood lathes on the market.


Jet JWL 1015 is a well-known product that runs smoothly and is quiet compared to some other woodturners. It weighs just 77 pounds and is lighter because it is comfortable for use, stress-free, and easy to operate lathe than the shop fox W1836.

The wood lathe is a perfect choice for those thinking of trying it out. Its price is favorable and does not have any complicated controls. Know that you will probably spend more on tools, chucks, sharpening jigs, grinders, etc., than the cost of this lathe, so do not worry about getting a very cheap lathe. This is a perfect lathe; well worth the price.

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