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Our Goal is to become every wood lover’s home. Of all the available construction materials today, wood traces back to centuries ago. It has served man well through the years and still has a more prominent role to play in today’s technologically advanced society.

Wood is a cantankerous substance; there’s no two ways about it. Its virtues, of course, are legendary. It’s attractive, abundant and easy to work. Pound for pound, it’s stronger than steel. If properly finished and cared for it will last indefinitely. But none of that makes up for the fact that it’s a complex and often perplexing building material.

Unlike metals and plastics, whose properties are fairly consistent, wood is wholly inconsistent. It expands and contracts in all directions, but not at the same rate. It’s stronger in one direction than it is in another. Its appearance changes not only from species to species, but from log to log — sometimes board to board.

That being so, how can you possibly use this stuff to make a fine piece of furniture? Or a fine birdhouse, for that matter? To work wood — and have it work for you –you must understand three of its unique properties:

o Wood has grain.

o Wood moves more across the grain than along it.

o Wood has more strength along the grain than across it.

Sounds trite, I know. These are “everyone-knows-that” garden-variety facts. But there is more grist here for your woodworking mill than might first appear.

Our passion for wood has enabled us to create this platform to help you that has an interest in wooden structures with the best information regarding wood as a construction material.

At TWW, we are out to provide you with unparalleled information and wood and the related products in a bid to help you build a wooden structure that you love.

We are here to see every woodworker enjoy craft and passion. Follow us on this journey.